Sultan Ministry of health denied the outbreak of suspected cholera epidemic musiland

The Sultan Health Ministry denied suspected outbreak of cholera epidemic in Khartoum in September 16, Xinhua (reporter Li Ziheng) Sultan Ministry of Health said in a statement 16, recently occurred in the southeastern Sultan lethal diarrhea epidemic situation has been controlled, without any intervention of the WHO. Statement denying the death of diarrhea caused by cholera argument. Earlier media reports, diarrhea has caused about 100 people died in the Nile, most of them children, and dozens of people suffering from acute water-borne diarrhea. Local residents worry that the diarrhea caused by cholera. In this regard, Sultan’s health minister Bahel said that the Ministry of health to the detection of cases, the results show that diarrhea is caused by bacteria but not cholera, diagnosed with the number of 188 people, 15 people died, the health sector has managed to control the spread of the epidemic, not in need of assistance and intervention of WHO. Local health authorities also warned that, with the rainy season continues, in the highly crowded areas, if the drinking water conditions are poor, there is the possibility of cholera outbreak. People should pay attention to the use of clean water, do not drink untreated river water, water, water, etc.. (end) editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: