Syria’s official rumor because Shengguo foot ceasefire Xiaoxibushi-kairui

Syria’s official rumor because Shengguo foot ceasefire Xiaoxibushi rumor micro-blog official announcement sina sports news Beijing time on October 7th afternoon, a press release entitled "Syria Chinese soccer team won the men’s soccer, in order to celebrate the victory, the parties announced 48 hour ceasefire message on the network crazy! After the latest news to verify the Syrian civil war ceasefire, the official rumor platform "Sina Weibo microblogging rumor" the news is false information, and has carried on the rumor, the announcement is as follows: the latest news about the Syrian civil war ceasefire should be 10 3 April, the United States announced the suspension of negotiations with Russia Syrian ceasefire. The United States and Russia Syria ceasefire negotiations ran aground and the so-called Syria soccer team to win China caused by the celebration of the ceasefire for 48 hours, then no news sources. We hope that the people of Syria will feel happy in sports and, of course, more sympathetic to the suffering they suffered, and the temporary ceasefire and lasting peace are precious to them. And then the fictional news doesn’t make them comfortable, and that’s why it’s necessary to clarify the story.

官方辟谣 叙利亚因男足胜国足停火消息不实 微博辟谣官方公告   新浪体育讯  北京时间10月7日下午,某媒体发布的题为“叙男足赢了中国男足,为了庆祝胜利,叙各方宣布停火48小时”的消息在网络上疯传!经过多方核实叙利亚内战停火的最新消息,新浪微博的官方辟谣平台“微博辟谣”确定该条新闻为不实信息,并对其进行了辟谣,公告如下:   关于叙利亚内战停火的最新消息应该是10月3日,美国宣布暂停与俄罗斯就叙利亚停火问题进行谈判。 美俄叙利亚停火问题谈判搁浅 而所谓叙男足取胜中国队而引发的庆祝性停火48小时,则根本没有任何新闻消息来源。   我们希望叙利亚人民能够从体育中感受到快乐,当然也更同情他们遭受到的战争苦难,暂时的停火和持久的和平对他们来说都是宝贵的。然后虚构的消息并不能使他们得到宽慰,这也是为何要澄清这一传闻的目的。相关的主题文章: