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T word line is the bargain layout Commission yesterday burst of bad news, universal insurance funds are forced to leave the city in early 600 billion, the market will directly lower the bottom, back to the pre Tiaokong gap before midday and continue dropping. Afternoon market stabilization and recovery, high transfer concept stronger, although failed to turn red, but still received T word line, contains a strong signal, or will reverse. [Online] SG consulting consulting from a technical perspective, the word T means the bottom line, effective support, and support for the recent market was 20 day moving average line 3040, the lowest 3041.51 remarkable market today. Remove the effective support, T is also the word line reversal signal, has experienced a continuous decline after the bottom rebound, indicates or will be a one-time bottom, follow-up rebound. [main] intelligence village meat then, in the T word line, whether you can bargain layout? The market for the first time after the shock, stepped back 20 day moving average, the rebound is bound to occur, but in the afternoon rally, but also for 20 days without a break from the counter, indicators, short-term indicators in repair, visible small rebound continue opportunity. But the real market also need to confirm the daily level, the current market to choose the direction of daily change disk. We still think the larger to the probability of breaking up, the removal of Qingcang ownership, should be more concerned about the bargain layout, the current hot market, such as speculation continued to send high and new material rotation cycle. You have no [Stock] Shandong Shenguang Niugu gene as the old institution for 22 years, grasp the rhythm of the market have their own unique insights, formal product dynamic combination in July 8th to buy the East Ocean (002086), high profit today rushed to sell, formal customer gains over 10%! What do you buy? When to buy? ]     but in order to help investors to better grasp the market weak market investment opportunities, especially from the Research Institute of the stock pool only featured four potential stocks and investors share freely, for reference only, not as investment advice. One plus one of investment [service], experts also need examination of stock investors, can actively participate in "Shenguang free clinic shares" activities, five elite investment adviser Zuozhen, given a reasonable investment advice, improve the proportion of positions. [ ] moving round the market portfolio;   remember free access to potential shares and examine the shares: send SMS "SG adviser" to the 12114, or directly call the toll free hotline 400-766-7186 free consultation to sg.    相关的主题文章: