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The Taiwan authorities raised the basic salary   industry enterprises have cried bitter: hope to live — Taiwan channel — people.com.cn original title: Taiwan authorities raised the basic salary of the industry enterprises have cried bitter: hope to survive the Ministry of labor held 8 basic wage deliberation meeting, representatives of the management only Deputy Secretary General of Taiwan business association chairman Liu Hengyuan (left two) and manufacturers association director Ceng Baoxiang (left) two people, facing a row of employee representatives, appear some fight a lone battle. (source: Taiwan when the electronic newspaper China) Taiwan news network September 9th according to "Taiwan times" reported China, Taiwan area basic wage by 5% to 21009 yuan, 8 days did not attend the basic wage Committee of the organization of industry and commerce is responsible for that, mainly in the capital on behalf of no seats, make higher than the company had expected decided that there is "no way approval", but only "resignation", business association chairman Lin Bofeng is looking forward to "enterprises are able to survive!" Business groups although submissive, but don’t forget the bitter shouting, according to the work will always work, health care costs included in the estimates, the basic wage increase of 5% per year, the employer will increase the cost of 23 billion 300 million yuan (NT, the same below). The small and medium-sized enterprise association chairman Lin Huiying pointed out that conceal the bitter mood, but also how to do? Only get accepted". 23 billion 300 million yuan, only the impact of the cost of wages, the industry and commerce group pointed out that the basic wage adjustment, the joint venture will affect the interest rate. FHKI rough estimate, the basic wage hike of 5% large manufacturing profitability by about 0.05%, small and medium-sized manufacturing profitability is reduced by about 0.3%. General secretary Cai Liansheng pointed out that this does not include the shortening of working hours and increase the cost of the holiday season to bring the cost of the enterprise pressure, which will weaken the competitiveness and viability of enterprises. Lin Huiying said, many small and medium-sized enterprises will certainly weak "Lament", she hoped the Taiwan authorities of the decision, not to become the small and medium-sized enterprise "Starving people fill the land." flame, "but we are small people, can only accept". Lin Bofeng also said that 5% of the original expectations of the enterprise with the difference of 3%, while the difference of the number of enterprises, the ability to withstand the efficiency can be enhanced or transformation and upgrading efforts, he hopes the company can survive the 2%. At the same time, he hoped in the basic wage decision, labor problems to this end, there are more important things to do: "a case of a" case and the provisions of the holiday dispute, "Executive Yuan" as soon as possible and the "Legislative Yuan", "legislative" through consultation, to adjust the profit elasticity enterprises use. To deal with the 5% salary increases. (Chinese Taiwan Zhu Lian () (Intern), commissioning editor: Wang Ying Liu Jieyan)相关的主题文章: