Taiwan media Mainland visitors to Taiwan to reduce business travelers this year also reduced 20% in htc802w

Taiwan media: Mainland visitors to Taiwan to reduce business travelers this year minus Beijing September new network in 20% – 14, according to Taiwan, "Wang Bao" reported that the Cai Yingwen administration took office, relations between the two sides of Taiwan tourism industry frozen, cold wind blowing, now not only the general pure sightseeing of Mainland tourists do not come, even business travelers are also affected. Tourism hotel industry pointed out that in recent years the enterprise headquarters continue to move to Shanghai, Hongkong, and Mainland China also actively organized consumer electronics exhibition, this year, business travelers have been reduced by 20%, will continue to decline in the future. Said the Leofoo Tourism Group Executive Zhuang Fengru operating in 13 held on the "Taiwan Summer Exhibition Forum", in addition to the corporate headquarters from Taiwan, affecting business travelers to Taiwan, the mainland recently pushing consumer electronics exhibition, Taipei exhibition exhibition in Taiwan next year and the computer time is similar, less than 1 weeks, will have a crowding out effect the impact of business travelers to Taiwan. Zhuang Fengru said that next year will come to Taiwan tourists will be lower, not only the pure tourist land, business travelers also. She hoped that Taiwan authorities or enterprises can hold large meetings, so that the relevant industry to Taiwan, but also to promote the development of tourism. The managing director of the Taipei Marriott Liu Hengchang said, nearly 8 years of time, the number of mainland tourists to Taiwan has increased, but the number of business travelers, the proportion is not high, but also continue to drain, he hoped that the Taiwan authorities can help operators find business travelers. Huatai Hotel Executive Chen Jiongfu believes that the new authorities in addition to encourage other tourists to visit Taiwan, but also to provide reasons for staying in Taiwan, if not Taiwan tourism provides added value will be reduced to only the vicious spiral of price competition.相关的主题文章: