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Taiwanese "double star" talk: Taiwan "landing" to "down to earth" – Beijing, China News Agency, Fuzhou, November 13: Taiwanese "double star" talk: Taiwan "landing" to "down to earth" author Li Linshan "is that in Taiwan, why not in the mainland?" This is the most talked about when Li Ruqin Taiwan youth entrepreneurship. As Taiwan Ji "double star", a guest mentor, Li Ruqin recently in an interview bluntly, Taiwan arrived in mainland China the biggest problem is the "head start". Because of the education status, business environment, humanistic concept, legal system, accounting standards and other differences, many a guest at the beginning of Taiwan to the mainland, behoove that things "should be so", and was rebuffed in the beginning or "The climate does not suit one". Therefore, Li Ruqin suggested that the first step in Taiwan to the mainland youth entrepreneurship is the concept of the first floor, "down to earth". Review your "landing" of the entrepreneurial process, Li Ruqin has experienced ups and downs than any one of his coaching station a few guests. He said, "not because of his down to earth", through a lot of detours, suffered many losses. When the sale of a Taiwan drink, Li Ruqin in accordance with the original ingredients in Taiwan, the concentration of deployment, but he was surprised that consumers on the authentic Taiwan taste does not pay. Initially, he was stubborn to teach consumers to taste, to adapt to the taste of Taiwan, the effect is still minimal. After experiencing disappointment and struggle, he retains the characteristics of Taiwan on the basis of the tastes of local people in accordance with the tastes of the adjustment of the concentration of drinks, step by step to make their own products, localization". In this transformation, the cause of Li Ruqin’s spring. "Business in the mainland, like" amoeba ‘to adjust and adapt to." The green business mentor smiled and said. Since leaving Taipei in June 2008 for the first time in Fuzhou, Li Ruqin has gone through 6 ventures and failed in the mainland for the first time in 5 years. But he was more and more brave, and finally achieved a gorgeous metamorphosis. In 2013, he set foot in the food and beverage industry, the founder of the French creative food and beverage chain stores, the Taiwan health food concept introduced to the mainland. Today, Fujian, Jiangxi, Xinjiang, Anhui and other provinces can see the leaves Shibuya figure, has opened more than and 20 stores in the mainland. This year, Li Ruqin set up a fishing mountain group, involved in the Internet, agriculture, literature and culture, catering, business and other fields, and stationed in the Strait of youth entrepreneurship incubator center. A lot of partners is a student he had counseling". As vice president of Fuzhou youth entrepreneurship Association, Taiwan youth entrepreneurship and employment guidance team director general, YBC’s first Taiwan certified entrepreneur mentor, Li Ruqin has been coaching nearly 600 entrepreneurs. In the Central District Fuzhou Wanbao Fifth Street "space" public record space, a Taiwan youth bird workstation. This workstation is running in Li Ruqin, the "space", the Taiwan Affairs Office of Fuzhou City, Fuzhou City, Fuzhou Youth Association and other institutions jointly set up, Li Ruqin is also the convener of the workstation on both sides. Li Ruqin said that the docking station set up similar institutions in Taichung, needle)相关的主题文章: