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SEO Take care choosing an SEO agency in London because web speed affects page rankings! You website may have good graphics, high-quality quality web content that readers are interested in reading, however if your page takes too long to load, potential clients may turn to a reputable SEO agency in London to fulfil their business needs. What can you do to keep clients from passing over your website? More importantly, how do you improve a web pages loading time so your website receives higher page ranking results from major search engines such as Google, who do indeed rank web speed as a factor in their rankings. How does Google measure the web speed of page loads for people searching for a particular result? In order to answer this question, scientists worked with a research to determine how web speed may affect page rankings. Queried Search research results and testing page load speeds offered insight Zoompt looked at 2,000 search queries chosen from a list of 2013 Ranking Factors Study. They used a sampling of keywords that would represent inquires so they could determine how, for example, an SEO London agency page loads speeds may affect search engine optimization rankings. The search query key words found 1,000 web pages matching descriptive words used. Narrowing the search further, only 50 of the best websites URLs were chosen to evaluate SEO ranking results. Running test pages in a North Virginia cloud system, scientists and researchers evaluated 40 different factors that specifically may influence page metrics for each URL. They did not find any significant factors any of that would affect page-loading times. The connection speed in which a .puter uses to load a page also did not influence page-loading times. Nevertheless, what does page load time mean? This is usually measured in one of two ways when the document is .pleted and you can begin clicking on items on the screen. The second, fully rendered time, means the time in which all the background images are loaded and everything on the page is fully viewable. While the search engine giant, Google, has not ever said what impacts page load times whether the time a document is .plete or the fully rendered time may penalise a SEO agency London most. What the team discovered was there was no evidence to back either hypothesis that document load time or fully rendered time affected page load time and may decrease search engine page rankings. Why was web speed still indicating decreased page rankings for businesses with slower loading web pages? What the results mean for any SEO agency London Next, the team looked at the time lapsed from when the .puter is sent the first byte of information. This time they did find a correlation. Websites that have a lower time to first byte or TTFB have a higher search engine ranking. They also found websites with less widgets, ads and fonts decreased page size and helped increase search page rankings. Smaller businesses may not have the advantages a larger .pany, such as Google has, without hiring a SEO agency London who can effectively produce a new website design that lowers page size and also reduces time spend on TTFB loads. This is helpful for all businesses, whether you are looking into a web page with SEO content or not. This also explains why slow web speeds effectively can lower your website ranking in page ranking results manned by Google, Panda and other major search engines. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: