Taobao now banned territory phone card consumers can buy –it– to Tmall tsumori chisato

Taobao now banned territory phone card   consumers can buy –IT– to Tmall original title: Taobao have banned domestic consumers can buy phone cards to Tmall group was informed reporters yesterday from the Alibaba, September 7th card "across the board" on the domestic mobile phone products, the moratorium, regardless of the mobile phone card is through real name authentication. This means that not only the real name of the virtual operator phone card will be removed from the sale of Taobao products, including the three major carriers, including domestic phone cards, Internet access cards, etc.. It is reported that consumers can buy a phone card to the Tmall platform within the territory, and look for the authorization of the two-dimensional code is really effective. 3 platform to prohibit the sale of domestic telephone card reporter previously found that Taobao has a large number of shops to provide non – 170, paragraph 171 non – Certification card. And yesterday, the reporter login Taobao, found that the situation has been different, the search is more mobile payment system recharge card, mobile 3G 4G phone card, etc.. The recent spate of telecommunications fraud cases of students, triggering the use of non real name social telephone fraud criminals attention. But yesterday, Ali group told the Guangzhou Daily reporter, Taobao September 7th from the territory of the mobile phone card across the board and the recent fraud does not matter. In fact, as early as May 2016, the State Ministry of industry and Information Technology Ministry issued "on the implementation of the" Anti Terrorism Law "and other legal provisions to further improve the true identity of the phone user information registration notice" (hereinafter referred to as the "No. 182"), "No. 182" on the network channel sales phone card made more stringent provisions. One of the Taobao lock rules is in response to "further landing No. 182" and take. Currently, Taobao, Ali travel and idle fish platform to prohibit the sale of domestic carriers (including domestic virtual operators) of the IP phone card long distance card, the new number, Internet tariff cards, traffic cards and other services. Scan two-dimensional code to identify whether the qualified businesses in line with the requirements of the national Ministry of industry sales requirements of the shop, Taobao to encourage businesses to enter the Tmall store operations, and equipped with a sound rules and consumer protection initiatives. Rules change from August 30th publicity, in effect on September 7th. How many Taobao businesses will be fought in the Tmall platform? Yesterday, Ali group staff did not reply to accurate data, only that the platform qualification is different, the estimated number is very small. Tmall has a large platform for the implementation of the real name system more stringent norms. Such as regular annual inspection, inspection qualification, contract and authorization, to ensure that the goods are within the scope of authorization. Once the violation, the platform will be given very strict treatment. For consumers, the Tmall platform to buy more than a way to identify qualifications, that is, sweep the two-dimensional code. Ali group staff cautioned that already provide two-dimensional code to consumers in details of each commodity pages according to the Tmall business, consumers can see through the two-dimensional code business authorization is really effective. However, the scope of a comprehensive ban on the sale of foreign operators do not include international card international tariff card. This is also the reason why the reporter can still find the United States on the Taobao phone card. (reporter)相关的主题文章: