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"Ten in the spring," Zhang Yishan Dongyu Zhou: why don’t you just love this confession sister — people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn original title: Zhang Yishan Dongyu Zhou confession, "love sister this" – Feng Tang, Dongyu Zhou, Zhang Yishan "ten spring," as you boot TV series "ten spring", as you 12 in Beijing starting, starring Dongyu Zhou, Zhang Yishan, Chen Yilong and other full debut. Dongyu Zhou Zhang Yishan of the school teachers and shock cooperation, Dongyu Zhou described the role ", and with vigour and vitality romantic", Zhang Yishan Dongyu Zhou said his confession is ridicule, only love this girl. "Ten in the spring, as you" adapted from the well-known writer Feng Tang "all growth Trilogy" third "Beijing, Beijing", tells the story of a Beijing native Chinese in autumn eight years of college, met with a group of good brothers love red. After graduation, so that they have a rough for the young age of ignorance and endless nostalgia and sentiment. Many friends of Dongyu Zhou,, which has a very high expectations for CP, and the play is very similar to the men and women to set up the same, the two men also graduated from the Beijing Film Academy division brother and sister. Although two people at the scene on the mouth speaks unfamiliar with each other, but frequently bicker close interaction, Feng Tang also quipped: "there is a relationship like themselves, have a heart feeling, the mouth not to say." Conference director Ma Jin said the audience can feel from the play to "Mensao temperament, low-key temptation", Feng Tang also said Dongyu Zhou in temperament with the prototype are similar but there are differences of appearance. Zhang Yishan said that "the original character plump, but I only love this sister", and Dongyu Zhou also said that "ten in the spring, as you sleep" this classic verse sister liao. Dongyu Zhou expressed his feelings to the female perspective on this drama ", romantic, with vigour and vitality" three words, "the greater the love for more deeply, I love autumn is with vigour and vitality in the drama played red romance." Zhang Yishan used "only, pure and yiluanqingmi" three words to describe, in a male perspective said: "in the drama autumn water and red no matter how many twists and turns are unique, and young love is pure, of course, which will be interspersed with some people disorderly feeling many emotional entanglements." Zhang Yishan joined the "Silk Road" of Shaanxi satellite TV "on the silk road have you" launch conference cum 2017 program resources that will 12 held in Beijing, the actor Zhang Yishan as Russia attended the conference. "You are" on the Silk Road, the first episode was broadcast on 10 in the whole program, no urine point plot to attract a large number of viewers and fans of the eye, premiere ratings gains across the board, one among the national top ten provincial TV camp. "You" is on the Silk Road, Zhang Yishan participated in the large-scale outdoor show for the first time, he also said: "there are a lot of previous reality show looking for me, choose to join this program, because I don’t think this show is a reality show, but a kind of learning," the Silk Road on you "let me feel the exotic in other countries, and culture, which is worth for me, this experience for each one of us is very precious." (responsibility)相关的主题文章: