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Ten point line: Japanese car sales in China in the outbreak in the end what happened? [Abstract] every night at ten, Tencent Jun take you today at a glance a car car around important information. · Japanese car sales in China or the first breakthrough 4 million Japanese companies must now be holding a sales report laugh it, according to statistics, this year the Japanese car sales in China is expected to exceed 4 million for the first time. This year, 1-8 cumulative sales of up to 2 million 650 thousand, even if the remaining 4 months of sales were flat year on year sales will also become a record high. The sale of the outbreak and the Chinese government to implement the small car subsidy policy has a close relationship. The state issued a subsidy policy, the Japanese car has become the biggest winner, independent brands, line Jun understand your mood. · Paris auto show lack of "heroism" Bingley Lamborghini not to go? The Paris auto show, luxury cars gathered in the place, the friends you know. This year, however, things have changed. It is said that Volkswagen’s super run brand Bentley and Lamborghini will be absent next week at the Paris auto show. In recent years, Volkswagen to exhaust presumably cheating torture and the Paris auto show is a big spending, to dodge is natural. Ford, Volvo, Aston, etc. will also be absent from the Paris auto show, they are more willing to put money into other media activities such as blog. Line Jun think these manufacturers spend more and more rational. · SAIC GM Wuling was "three down" who is in trouble? In August, SAIC GM Wuling sales have been falling for third months, which make us eat melon masses looks a little ignorant. This is a lot of independent brand research Star car prices, over the years have not encountered such a situation. I believe Wuling also understand that sales fell is actually caused by the mini car market atrophy. In recent years the average annual decline of more than 10% mini car, leading to SAIC GM Wuling sales accounted for 65% market share fell weiche. Everywhere there is suffering, life Wuling Jun, go! · Holland will be held next year in the canal automatic test of driving the ship you are full screen fly "automatic driving car" brainwashed? To use the automatic navigation of the ship wake up brain. Nearly 1/4 of the areas covered by the river, Holland’s capital, Amsterdam, are also trying to develop a self driving ship, when the country is running through the road to drive the car. The research project has a simple and clean name called Roboat, and plans to put the first robotic ship prototype on the canal in Amsterdam in 2017. Think about it, a fleet of unmanned ships traveling through the canal, they are transporting goods and passengers, but also a magical thing. · driverless cars sit on the "express" the United States government or advance approval according to foreign media reports, the U.S. government recently said that before the driverless cars officially launched, the government is considering seeking advance examination and approval of the technology. In a comprehensive statement on driverless cars, the U. S. Department of transportation has also put forward a voluntary development guide, and urged the car manufacturers to prove themselves as soon as possible without.相关的主题文章: