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Tens of thousands of times mark harassing phone why can fight? To stop at the operator service — people.com.cn communication channel — people.com.cn original title: Mark tens of thousands of telephone harassment, why can play? Good service operators to stop a number of experts said, telecommunications is public rights, but also provide telecommunications services for enterprises in the premise can not determine the nature of fraud, or has not received notice of the relevant departments for shutting down the number of alleged violations of law, at present, the operators do not have the right to stop the service. Why on the phone is displayed on the label thousands or even tens of thousands of harassing phone calls are still normal call? Why operators or security software does not directly block these phones…… For these hot issues, Beijing Youth Daily reporter conducted an investigation. Phenomenon is marked tens of thousands of harassing phone calls continue to drop drops…… With the phone rings, the user Ms. Lee saw his phone has automatically called the number of columns displayed as harassing phone calls". Sure enough, pick up the phone after the phone came: "your recent stock speculation?" Lee immediately hung up the phone after hearing. Ms. Lee said that his cell phone will often receive some strange phone calls, including the sale of the house, financial management, and some have never heard of education and training, different types. Not only some marketing call "uninvited" annoying, there are calls to feel wrong. Users also said that the phone installed in the relevant software, the phone has been reported to have a hint. Some call to come over, the display is marked three hundred or four hundred times or even tens of thousands of harassing phone calls. I don’t understand why these phones can be played?" He pulls out a "400189****" phone records, shows that more than 3 people have marked it as harassing phone operators or security software why not directly blocking the phone?" The operators have no right to stop the investigation service BYD reporter survey found that telephone harassment is generally divided into two categories: one is the industry’s marketing, two is fraud. Although some software can prompt and tagging, but for ordinary users, difficult to refuse to listen to, still no lack of such people to be deceived. For some security software has done harassment or fraud tagging, and even thousands of tens of thousands of people, whether it can be done directly to prevent these calls or direct automatic shielding? BYD reporter during the interview, a number of communications industry official said, intercept phone or SMS may not be a technical problem, but for operators, on the one hand there is no basis for determining the contents of telephone calls and information content at the same time, there is no relevant law enforcement functions and legal empowerment, especially for harassing phone calls in the operation business has been "no basis for law enforcement". "Before the operator tried to shut down the number of complaints are more, but the other side to ‘I pay for my use’ on the grounds of protest, and let go." "Including the mass of information, frequency and range is very difficult to release as" harassment "of the decision, such as if a wedding wedding banquet, hundreds of pieces of information)相关的主题文章: