The 30 day event review private master this week sought 1 stocks armor Ning earned 4.34% winlinez

The 30 day event review: private master this week sought 1 stocks "armor Ning" earned 4.34% by the Tencent financial sponsor, China investment securities brokerage chief cooperation 2016 "world expert meeting" and "private – private equity division expert meeting" third weeks in today’s close, "some people" (Xiamen Royal Investment) a strong rise in 6.68% this week won the championship, Chengdu e Wu Sheng Teng equity investment to 6.21% in the week rankings ranked second, Shenzhen scores the capital to 5.43% week was ranked third, in honor of the three players with excellent grades in the next round. Friday is the day before the last trading day, holding cash or holding festivals, most people have to make a decision, so the market participation is low, the morning after the opening shock upstream, noon to close up to 3000 points or more; in the afternoon 3000 points or more sideways, all day long placid, closing stock index rose 0.21% to 3004.78 points; the Shenzhen index rose 0.53% to 10567 points. All day long the Shanghai stock market turnover of only 112 billion 600 million, the Shenzhen turnover of only 165 billion 900 million, and hit a recent low, investors showed a strong mentality. Today, wine, household appliances, public transport, quantum communications sector gainers, indicating that the market is still focused on defense funds. Before the Mid Autumn Festival and the Mid Autumn Festival, Moutai, Wuliangye and other high-end liquor liquor have prices, that have spent the trough, ordinary business and private consumption occupy the mainstream high-end liquor liquor, the National Day holiday approaching, again to get funds favor. The total return on the list, "the seashore walk" with a score of 8.38% successful ascent, the total return was 8.29% CC, narrowly fell to second place, "Liaoning investment standings with 6.34% of the total revenue of third. "The beach walks" total revenue over the past 3 weeks have been hovering between the 3-10, but the "beach walks" do not be discouraged, do not give up, always insist on their own investment philosophy, carefully detailed operation, finally in the last week before the national day successfully climbing the total score of the first throne, to congratulate CC; "" it is a frequent visitor to a total score of the top three, its stable performance is always being attention, this weekend, although the 0.09% narrowly finished second, but the performance stability of the other players unforgettable Superman match, the 0.09% gap is extremely small, temporary decline is a common phenomenon, is not worth too much worry. The only regret is that this week, the total revenue of the top two players, although the total revenue has been stable in the forefront, but has not yet harvested weekly earnings of the top three, has not yet exposed surface. However, the game is still very long, long to look, as long as adhere to the concept, I believe there is always a day of harvest. "Some people" (Xiamen, Chengdu Royal Investment) e Wu Sheng Teng equity investment, capital Shenzhen scores were won this week before the three, get through to the next round qualification. "Some people" and Shenzhen are the largest fraction of capital led to the Wuchang fish, two players this week, hurricane, Wuchang (600275) based on the daily limit yesterday, today and the strong rise of 7.45%, the number of the company’s profitable holdings. Yichang Wuchang company announced Monday long gold investment placards holding up to 5% lead to day trading, the stock rose since September:相关的主题文章: