The 99 song my band Liu Xijun behind her red list before ten (video)

The 99 song "my band Liu Xijun behind her" red top ten [Abstract]99 band with the "first album" embarked on a new round of "our song" LIVE HOUSE tour, a way to harvest time. At the same time, "I am her" in the first week of the list in the Asia Song rushed into the list of the top 6 new heights. NINETYNINE 99 band "our song" Tencent entertainment news at the beginning of August, the NINETYNINE 99 band with the "first album" embarked on a new round of "our song" LIVE HOUSE tour, uninterrupted LIVE performance and make their way to harvest, the first stop in Beijing invited to attend the concert to help sister Liu Xijun "I very happy" ignite the VOX scene in WuHan Railway Station; accompanied by the fans; ShangHai Railway Station by circle of friends behind Wang Bowen sang "our song"; wrap station of Guangzhou fans sister "enthusiasm and chicken" to thank. Whether it is from the performance experience or popular charm, they are a big step forward in the music on the road, and the fiery scene has also left fans around the country to forget the memories. At the same time, the album song "I’m her flagship" MV also recently launched, many fans and friends for this song deeply resonate at the same time, "I am her" in the first week of the list in Asia rushed into the list of the top 6 songs for their new album, new heights. "I am her" this song is not only accompanied by fans to spend countless tour scene, but also in their "burning" appearance and add a unique tenderness. Since the song since the line, with its gentle melody and child heart lyrics, has won many fans love songs in the first week of the list in the song list into Asian real-time list sixth, together with Xu Song, Liang Bo and Wang Sulong on the list, EXO and many other popular singers, becoming the album title "abnormal", "our song" after another masterpiece. At the beginning of August 99 the band "our song" tour performances in Beijing, sister Liu Xijun as a guest, I will live a cappella "is her" chorus paragraph, personally for the junior students propaganda songs. Liu Xijun said, every artist has experienced a new stage, new things to do more than we imagine, experience things will be more difficult than we imagine, especially in the music market now more difficult time, can hold 99 orchestra music, adhere to the original, it is a very be encouraged. This remark has been touched by the 99 sisters, orchestra, motivate them to use their performance, to afford you support. It is worth mentioning that the NINETYNINE 99 band this year in the "normal" campus tour and "our song" LIVE HOUSE tour, continuous music with their passionate LIVE performances and inspirational blood, has won many fans blitz. A road tour, from north to south, the orchestra has been infected with blood of 99 fans, in their eyes, the 99 band is always their youth, because met "abnormal" them, just to let everyone have a mad youth. In order to better support the 99 band, the fans put them on tour.相关的主题文章: