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The best China campus football team beat Atletico academy students — Jiangxi channel: original title: the best China campus football team beat Atletico Madrid in October 5th Xinhua academy students new media news in 2016 during the national day, Chinese campus football "best lineup" with the Spanish club Atletico Madrid player for the four Academy of the same age a group of the contest, made two wins a negative record. Chosen by the leading group of the national youth campus football office organization China youth soccer team in September 30th went to Madrid to exchange and training for 8 days. 62 players with hard training for the mother of the motherland to send a special birthday gift, but also through football, the world’s most common language, as a messenger of cultural exchanges between China and the west. Since 2014, the national youth campus football led by the Ministry of education, the national school has set up a primary school, junior high school, high school and college campus football four league system. On this basis, the design and selection of the contest in the summer camp, the selection of excellent students best lineup in the National Summer Camp Camp, from the selection of the best lineup in the camp in the National Summer Camp Camp, and then select the best team, the China junior football team, and then select outstanding students to study abroad and training. The training of students studying in Spain is composed of the best team of students were selected in 2015. At the Valle Cano training base, the children received the Spanish famous coaches teaching and training experience in short break, skilled for Spanish football TikiTaka. The Spanish ambassador Fernando Sanz? This paper introduces the basic situation of La Liga, and asked the children to experience the Spanish football training method. Talk about the experience, "fun" is the most talked about words. From Jiangxi Nanchang Hongdu primary school Xiao Pengchao said, the domestic football training style and very different, is, by way of game is very interesting, and some domestic football training boring, such as always requiring repeat laps. (Mao Siyuan, commissioning editor Qiu Ye) original title: best Chinese campus football team beat Atletico academy students local time on October 2nd afternoon, team player of the Spanish giants Real Madrid match against Ewald Bernabeu in the scene to watch. Out of the stadium, the children excited mood is still difficult to heal. From Ningxia third middle school of Shizuishan city Zhang Ziyang said: "Real Madrid is my childhood love team, so today I am very happy to watch the battle scene, it is more important to see the idol Luo C today, particularly excited, like a dream." Local time on the morning of October 3rd, the team was invited to visit the Real Madrid training base to explore the secret behind the galaxy warships. Local time on October 4th afternoon, Chinese campus football and Spanish football TikiTaka were positive dialogue, China youth soccer team against Atletico Madrid football school football team. According to the primary school, the women’s group (mixed by a joint team of primary school and junior high school women’s women’s group), group primary school man group, middle man group, both sides of the four contest, in)相关的主题文章: