The boy was the little finger cut tile night police clear the way to send medicine win rescue time

The boy was the little finger cut tile night police clear the way to send medicine win rescue time – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Dong Shijie) September 16th (the 16th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar) night, a 4 year old boy in Longyao County of Xingtai City, was accidentally cut tile little finger, on the way to the Shijiazhuang city hospital, the driver for high-speed traffic police. Gaoyi Shijiazhuang brigade brigade leader telephone contact, love relay, specifically for finger boy motorcades, won the effective rescue time for children. On the same day at 19:40, it was already dark, is the road duty Gaoyi high-speed traffic police battalion Cui Jianhui LED driver to patrol the area of Singapore 314KM at high speed when. A Xingtai taxi license for help. The police asked the taxi driver said the car has a 4 year old boy to the finger, the provincial hospitals for medical treatment, because they do not know the road and afraid of urban traffic jams, to help the police to help. To understand the situation, Cui Jianhui immediately to the police car in front of the car to open the Easy Access, lead the way, and at the same time report to the command center of Shijiazhuang detachment, detachment Shijiazhuang brigade to request coordination work. Along the way, the police car with flashing lights, alarm bells ringing along the road, vehicles have so the rescue channel, from the inside to the intersection of Yuhua Yuanshi County took only 20 minutes. Shijiazhuang Gaoyi brigade detachment received a report after the start assistant work immediately, police detachment Ma Shuyang Shijiazhuang police brigade in Yuhua Zhang Bo junctions support to the car, and turn the radio station, released by broadcasting the first time. Shijiazhuang Police Brigade connected Xingtai to the taxi, went straight to the provincial hospitals, a radio host broadcast called on other vehicles on the road to the car. For a time, a love relay action, listening to the program has become a matter of concern to all people. Because they help the provincial hospitals from Yuanshi County to the city of Shijiazhuang, a taxi driver in the shortest time will be sent to the emergency room of the boy, the child’s parents were moved to tears.相关的主题文章: