The boy was wearing body 63cm bamboo from the thigh to neck wear (Figure)-yvette yates

The boy was wearing body: 63cm bamboo from the thigh to neck wear (Figure) in children with CT patients were taken the original title: ten year old boy was 63 cm in bamboo body health care team spent 15 hours successfully removed Shenzhen daily news yesterday, WeChat circle of friends a "bear children are wearing life news with bamboo the line" let many parents shiver all over though not cold! After many confirmed the reporter learned that the injured boy is 10 years old this year, in the evening of 24 to play when he was stabbed a bamboo stick, after the rescue, children’s hospital medical team 15 hours now, a child in the body of the bamboo has been successfully removed, but the boy has not yet out of danger. According to insiders, the injured boy at home in the evening of 24 and small friends on the wall while playing, accidentally fell from the wall to the garden, shocking is that the boy just fell to the bed of a length of about 63 cm, about 1.5 cm in diameter. Bamboo sticks, bamboo sticks from the left thigh children directly into the peritoneal pleural until incorporated into the right side of the neck. After the incident, the parents crying to send him to the nearby hospital, diagnosed by chest and abdominal joint injuries, bamboo sticks penetrated through the heart of children, critically ill. Later, the child was transferred to the city children’s Hospital by ambulance. City children’s hospital organized a team of experts to inspect, the child’s condition assessment found that children with a bamboo stick by the left thigh insertion, abdominal penetrating stomach, liver, diaphragm and penetrate into the chest, with the heart, the chest into the neck, at the moment not removal of bamboo sticks, bamboo sticks for removal will lead to bleeding leading to shock rupture of heart and liver, endanger life. The bamboo stick from the right atrium of the heart and the heart through the diaphragmatic surface, right atrium near the roof at the left out of the heart, the top right chest pierced right neck, right atrium position close to the right coronary artery, fortunately thoracic great vessels without injury in cardiopulmonary bypass, medical team wear foreign matter source cutting off the foreign body, insert a bamboo stick in the heart of the truncation removal, repair heart damage, to continue to look for free foreign bodies in the surrounding tissue, see foreign body close to neck artery, fine operation, finally taking the foreign body. The whole operation took more than 10 hours. According to the doctor, the penetrating wounds of children are rare in their career. Penetrates the child body bamboo stick end is not sharp, can insert the child body obliquely, can see at that time the child jumps down the speed and the weight is how big. During the surgery, doctors found that at the top of the neck of a bamboo stick, even found the child’s pants rags and leaves, was fantastic. It is reported that at present, the vital signs of children are relatively stable, but the myocardial, liver and circulatory function damage performance, whether out of danger remains to be observed for about 3 days. Editor in chief: Li Tianyi

男童被63cm竹竿穿体:从大腿根穿到颈部(图) 患儿拍摄CT片 患儿手术进行中   原标题:十岁男童遭63厘米竹竿穿体 医护团队花15小时成功取出   深圳特区报讯 昨日,微信朋友圈一则“熊孩子被竹竿穿体命悬一线”的配图消息让众多家长不寒而栗!经过多方证实,记者了解到,该受伤男童今年10岁,是在24日晚玩耍时不慎被竹棍刺伤,经过市儿童医院医护团队15小时的抢救,目前,孩子体内的竹竿已被成功取出,但男童尚未脱离生命危险。   据相关知情人介绍,受伤男童24日晚在家中与小朋友一块儿在墙头上玩耍时,一不小心从高墙上跌落到了邻家花圃中,让人触目惊心的是,该男童正好跌到了花圃中的一支长约63厘米,直径约1.5厘米的竹棍上,竹棍自孩子的左侧大腿根部直接插入腹腔并入胸腔直至右侧颈部。   事发后,孩子父母哭着紧急将他送至附近的医院,经检查后确诊胸腹联合伤,竹棍穿透患儿心脏,病情危重。随后,孩子由救护车转送到了市儿童医院。   市儿童医院组织专家团队对孩子的病情进行检查、评估后发现,竹棍由患儿左侧大腿根部插入,经腹腔穿透胃、肝脏、膈肌入胸腔,并穿透患儿心脏,经胸腔入颈部,此刻不能拔除竹棍,因为去除竹棍会导致心脏、肝脏破裂大出血导致休克,危及性命。   由于竹棍自心脏的右心房膈面穿入心脏,并由右房近左房顶处穿出心脏,经右胸顶刺入右颈部,右心房破口处紧邻右冠状动脉,幸运的是胸腔内大血管无损伤,在体外循环辅助下,医护团队异物穿出处锯断异物,将插入心脏内的竹棍截断拔除,修补心脏破损处,向上继续寻找周围组织的游离异物,见异物紧临颈部大血管,经精细手术,终于抽出了异物。整个手术时间花了十多个小时。   据医生介绍,患儿的贯穿伤在他们的执业生涯中实属罕见。穿入孩子身体的竹棍端头并不尖锐,能够斜插入孩子身体,可见当时孩子跳下去的速度及重量有多么的大。手术中,医生们发现,在颈部竹棍的最上方,甚至还发现了孩子裤子上的碎布和树叶,简直匪夷所思。   据悉,目前患儿生命体征相对稳定,但出现心肌、肝脏及循环功能受损表现,能否脱离危险有待3天左右观察。 责任编辑:李天奕相关的主题文章: