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The Champions League will usher in the restructuring of   such giants ushered in the revival of opportunity – Sports – original title: such giants ushered in the revival of opportunity 2016-17 Champions League group phase draw as usual, at the end of August was placed on the agenda. However, the UEFA lurks a bombshell — then officially announced has formally approved the restructuring of the Champions League: starting from the 2018-19 season, the European integration of the top four in the League top four teams will directly get Champions League qualifying. Currently, the top four are the League Bundesliga, La Liga, Premier League and Serie A. And two years later, in the back row of the Portuguese and the French are still difficult to shake the top four. This also means that the future of the team will be half the group phase stage now that the four major league teams scored. So, for such restructuring, the real benefit of the party who is it? Perhaps the dawn Milan clubs for fourth Serie A, the most direct impact is to increase the number of teams. According to the original Champions League qualification rules, fourth of the league’s only three Champions League places, including the need to qualify for the tournament in third. Since the start of the 2012-13 season, the Bundesliga was substituted at position third is only three serie a Champions League, reducing the number of teams makes itself in abjection, fighting greatly weakened in Serie A is one disaster after another. Today, the first four teams qualify for the tournament is also able to avoid embarrassment in qualifying. The ability after all serie a play offs, too shameful. In the past 9 years, the Serie A team has only come out of qualifying for the 1 time. At the end of the season qualifying, Rome is a total score of 1 to 4 defeat in Oporto. Serie a return to the familiar rhythm of the past, leaving only the cold Juventus and Naples continue to fight the Champions league. This can not help but ask, Milan clubs? The two old giants experienced a toss, these years has entered the ranks of the wealthy and regarded as hopeless.. Although the team has been introduced into China’s capital, but the transformation is just in the beginning stage, but fortunately, there are still 2 years to complete their reconstruction, to fight the top four positions. After all, the team qualify for the Champions League race, regardless of income related to box office or television will increase, which in turn in the Champions League is divided into high also helps them to get back on track as soon as possible. Inter is already aware of this, has big signings of Mario and Barbosa two star in the limelight. But in recent years, relying on the Champions League to earn a pot full of Juventus may not like this restructuring. Teams from the same league as a bonus to the Champions League as pie, this time with Rome’s exit, Juventus and Naples can be divided into nearly one hundred million euros bonus. However, after the restructuring will be more than two brothers to carve up bonuses, which the League overlord, in terms of income will be no small impact. The four major league competition this season in the Champions League qualifiers can be tragic, the Spanish French Monaco Villarreal was beheaded, Serie A Rome defeat in Portuguese Oporto, Russia Rostov upset victory over Ajax holland. Among them, the Villarreal and the Rome is just)相关的主题文章: