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The deployment of Russian nuclear knife "Western media in Europe: a show of force – Sohu enclave news [Global Times special correspondent Liu Yupeng Xu Zhenzhen] Russian Federation Council (upper house) defense and security committee chairman Victor said on the 21? Ozero Schiff, Russia will fly to Kaliningrad in the deployment of S-400 air defense missile system and the" Islamic Kandel "missile system in Europe the. Kaliningrad is adjacent to Poland and Lithuania, known as the "stab to the heart of Europe.", the western media have exclaimed "the Russian nuclear warhead nuclear forces deployed to Europe" and "Russia wantonly to the West show of force". The Russian news agency said 21 days, the Russian Federation Council (upper house) defense and security committee chairman O Ze Rolf 21, said that Russia is worried about the deployment of anti missile system in Europe in the short term may be transformed into land-based cruise missiles and other offensive weapons. Therefore, Russia was forced to strengthen the Western defense equipment, covering the United States deployed in Europe related facilities. Russia will deploy include S-400 air defense missile system in Kaliningrad and the "Islamic Kandel" missile system, and form a new force in the western and southern military region. Reported that ozero Fu also said Russia plans to complete the Syria naval base in Tartous upgrade within two years. After the transformation of the base will be able to ship all the warships, including aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines. In addition, Russia will also be in Syria Hermetian Mihm base built second runway. According to the Russian satellite news network reported that Austrian soldiers also revealed that Russia is on the possibility of restoring the Soviet Union in Cuba and Vietnam, the possibility of military bases, and relevant countries to dialogue. For a series of military heavy husband ozero revealed by western countries clearly to Russia at the Kaliningrad military deployment plan is more worried. Reuters said U.S. State Department spokesman Kirby said 21 days, the Russian anti missile system deployed in Kaliningrad S-400 and "Islamic Kandel" missile "in the destruction of European security". Kirby said, "over the past ten years, Russia has threatened to deploy" Islamic Kandel "missiles in Kaliningrad, against the European action, but any kind of trends in Europe should not be such a military response". Kirby said the United States called on Russia to avoid making and promote the safety and stability of inconsistent goals. NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg 21 in Turkey to attend the annual meeting of NATO members of Congress said, given the close to NATO border military operations continue to increase, NATO must try to take all measures to prevent the occurrence of military conflict or emergencies. NATO will expand collective defense through a new alliance to deal with threats. The United States Cbs Broadcasting Inc (CBS) said 21 Russian missiles in Europe is to deal with the expansion of NATO enclave. U.S. officials have said that the deployment of anti missile system in Romania is intended to deal with Iran’s missile threat. But NATO in 2015 decided to establish a new command and control center in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania, which is undoubtedly a warning to russia. In President Putin’s interview, Putin told Russian television broadcast on the 21, Russia to NATO’s eastward expansion and a series of trends of concern.相关的主题文章: