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The double chromosphere 8% form into a winning weapon that at the end of ebb assault Shuangseqiu 5? Was surprising, red! Beijing time on the evening of November 6th, Shuangse Qiu 16130th, 03, 17, the current red ball out of 21, 23, 27, 28, 01. Highlights of the current award maximum number is 5 pieces of red ball out of odd number, which is the double chromosphere period again after a lapse of 20 out of the parity ratio of 5-1 form. 5 odd ball how rare? According to the statistics, in the past 5 years the Shuangseqiu 744 lottery (up to 16130th), there have been a total of 62 of the parity ratio of 5-1 form, a frequency of 8.3%. From the trend, out of 17 times, 14 times, 12 times and 13 times 2012 -2015 years, and this year has been 130 lottery, single period 5 odd ball but only 6 times, the frequency is only 4.6%, much lower than in previous years, mean. In 2016, the double chromosphere red parity ratio 5-1 form statistics number number 0103071819 27+1 5 note first prize number 9 million 530 thousand 0109171920 29+10 3 0609151725 27+09 18 note 8 million 710 thousand note 5 million 500 thousand note 5 million 950 thousand 0105131924 27+11 13 0911151627 33+05 8 0317212327 28+01 8 Note 6 million 710 thousand note 7 million 790 thousand this year, so this form will in such a low end? Note that in 2015, the double chromosphere has appeared two times with 5 odd red phenomenon, respectively 15006th, 15007th and 15091st, 15092nd, 2014 is 6 grand appeared 3 open, so this year the form of shortage, does not exclude the subsequent strong back may. There is a strange form of lottery jackpot in the chart data through the Gospel we will find that this year 5 odd single ball shape although rare, but it did not stop the pace of the lottery. 6 lottery have not occurred in air, and a total of 55 note first prize, nearly four more than 8 note first prize. Shaanxi lucky lottery station, it is worth mentioning that, in the 16103rd Shaanxi Xi’an 1 lottery lottery alone in the 5 note first prize, maddening 29 million 780 thousand bonus. While 16093rd lottery is 18 points off the 12 note first prize, send the gospel to the national lottery, Hunan Changsha 1 Wei Caimin also harvested 5 note first prize, the total prize money reached 27 million 500 thousand yuan. Although the opening of the 8 note, but also to spend the fall of 7 provinces and cities, and send out the 2 note ten million prizes. Of course, 5 odd red does not limit the award, this year, the double chromosphere in 16027th and 16099 there are 6 red balls all odd shape, the theory of open probability is only 1.11%, which also confirms the random lottery loans in hand. And 5 pieces)相关的主题文章: