The driver gave the driver to escape the person died on the scene 11 minutes without a tangle of ala ca1871

The driver gave the driver to escape the person died on the scene 11 minutes without a tangle of alarm original title: hit people he tangled 11 minutes or run the consequences will be grievous…… The 11 day at 14:26, Mianyang Fu Road Embankment Nanshan middle school road accident, a car battery knocked down an nine year old uncle, the driver escaped, injured after she died. Mianyang Traffic Police Brigade directly under the detection process, found that the perpetrators actually stay at the scene for a full 11 minutes, but there is no alarm. The 11 day at 14:40 PM, Mianyang city traffic police brigade one received the alarm, said the Mianyang Nanshan Temple River, a car battery handlebar an old man knocked down. After the police arrived at the hospital learned that the injured uncle Yang has been 90 years old, due to the head of the wound, the situation is very dangerous. Immediately, directly under the Mianyang city traffic police brigade immediately set up a task force to start investigating the case. The police, through the monitoring display, the same day at 14:25 PM, Yang uncle walk to the road on the left side of road bridge in Fuling direction, a car battery by road in Nanshan Temple through the open area of the direction of travel. 14:26, the car crashed into the front Yang Yang, Yang uncle fell injured. After the incident, the owner of the car to get off the bus, stay for a while. 14:27, a van passing by the scene, the driver got off with the owner of the car battery after a brief exchange. 14:37, the owner of the car to escape the car. Surveillance video can not shoot the front face of the driver, and the battery car owners can not lock information. However, the police through the analysis, because the owner of the van and the owner of the battery for a brief exchange, the two sides must have a contact or understanding, so, immediately found the main van. Subsequently, under the leadership of the Tang, the task force immediately rushed to the police station owners Wang residence. Day 22:20, Wang was arrested. So, why not timely Wang alarm? Why stay in the field for 11 minutes before leaving? During the trial, Wang explained that he was a native of Mianyang, working in a market, there is a daughter, just in high school. When he found the injured uncle Yang, Yang uncle head hit the roadside stone, bled, seriously. I know the injury is more serious, I would also like to call the police, thought to send him to the hospital, but then I was worried about their family situation, can not afford the high medical expenses." Wang said that in the field for 11 minutes, he has been doing ideological struggle, finally, I still feel lucky to run, I was really afraid to assume responsibility." 12 am, Yang uncle died due to rescue. At present, Wang suspicion of traffic accident escape causing death, has been detention law. Feng Mingyuan Chengdu Daily reporter Tang Xiaojun source: Chengdu daily editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: