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Spirituality I want you to go home believing that you can do whatever you need to do. Hurry – phone and online registration ends September 17, 2008. We’ll see you in St. Louis! Be relentless in your pursuit of God. For three days, Joyce Meyer speaks from her heart and her life. Be part of amazing worship and begin to live a life you actually enjoy. The Joyce Meyer ministries 2008 conference tour. Admission is free, so bring a friend, bring your family and we’ll see you at a conference near you. San Jose, California, hp pavilion, September 18 – 20, 2008. And then Tampa, Florida, St. Pete times forum, November 6 – 8, with worship by hillsong’s Darlene Zschech at both conferences. You are going to have a great time and I can’t wait to see you there! Joyce: We need to get good at just saying, "I was wrong." Why do we have such a hard time saying, "I was wrong"? We always want to blame everything on somebody else. Joyce Meyer: Thank you for being with me today on "enjoying everyday life." We’ve been talking about forming habits and prayer is one thing that needs to become a habit. Today you can learn more about the importance of making prayer a habit as well as several more positive habits the effective Christian needs with this message that I taught in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. Joyce Meyer: There are very few things that you have to do except die and live until you do die. Those are two things you have to do. Outside of that, everything else is a choice. You don’t have to work. You don’t have to have friends. You don’t have to take a bath. You didn’t have to come to this meeting today. You don’t have to make your car payment. You won’t have a car for long but you don’t have to do that. But don’t wake up and say: oh, I gotta go pray. If I don’t, God will get mad. No, you get up and you say: man, I’m looking forward to my time with God! That helps me get my day started right. Can’t live without my fellowship time with God! Don’t let the devil keep stealing from you through a wrong mindset. Psalm 5:3. Of course we know David was a prayer and he said to the Lord: vs 1: listen to my words, o Lord, and give heed to my sighing and my groaning. Vs 2: hear the sound of my cry, my king and my God, for to you do I pray. Vs 3: in the morning you hear my voice, o Lord; in the morning I prepare [a prayer, a sacrifice] for you and I will watch and wait [for you to speak to my heart]. Isn’t that awesome? Joyce Meyer stated that look at Psalm 6:9: the Lord has heard my supplication and the Lord receives my prayer. Not only did David pray but he really believed that God heard him and he really believed that God was going to answer him. If we really believe that God hears our prayers and we really believe that he will answer our prayers, why in the world would we not want to pray? Why would anybody not want the power of God on their side? We have two choices in life: we can either pray or we can worry. You say: well, I do both. Well, you know what? Then you’re really not praying. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: