The European Mars Lander crashed U.S. satellite suspected crash site in Beijing-p8400

The European Mars Lander crashed U.S. satellite suspected crash site – Beijing, Beijing, October 23 Xinhua comprehensive report, 19, Europe and Russia cooperation "Minkowski Schiaparelli planned" landers landing landing, although successful, but did not send a signal. The satellite images show the surface of Mars, there is a suspected landers formed in 19 crashed on the depression. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, referred to as MRO) is expected in landers a huge black found landing area, with the resulting impact of depression is consistent. Kandinsky Schiaparelli is widely believed to have crashed. The lander lost contact before the transmission back data show that its landing system is not functioning properly. Reported that the lander parachute opened too early, but in order to make it close to the surface of the planet lander slows down when to hover and retro specially designed only burning for a few seconds, rather than the original half a minute. The satellite images show a film about in the dark area between 15 to 40 change, is located in the Minkowski equatorial plain radial Schiaparelli landers scheduled landing site 5.5 kilometers west, probably from the dust and debris after the impact. Reported that the most likely to be the meaning of the dark area 1 km south of the artifact. A white thing seems to be Schiapparelli landers 15 meters of the parachute, it falls behind in landers. Similarly, it did not exist in the previous photo. The European Space Agency (European Space Agency) and MRO’s operating agency, the U.S. Space Agency (NASA) believes that these parts do represent the scenes of Yapa Reilly and Mars contact. It is reported that engineers are still continuing to analyze the Mars Lander landing in different stages of telemetry data sent back. Engineers want to make an accurate judgment of the reasons for the improper operation of parachutes and rockets. In this process, they also want to be able to determine the height of each subject from the surface of the star. Jane Warner is responsible for the European Space Agency said, in fact, his back to the 80% landing Schiaparelli transmission of telemetry data, has indicated that it is a successful mission, no matter what happened in the last few seconds.相关的主题文章: