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The exposure Shunshi famous singer A Cui holding coffee international event have "he" – Sohu entertainment South Korean media exposure Shunshi Cui niece Zhang Shihao riding as (source: when the electronic newspaper "SBS") according to reports, members of an Minxi today in a radio program that broke the news, Cui Shunshi and niece of Zhang Shi ho will force its tentacles the entertainment circle, also some artists privilege, Ann Minxi said: "10 years ago, Zhang Shihao’s mother and artist Cui Shunde football team" Shunfeng Football Group "catch the line, invite them to dinner after the acquaintance in the entertainment circle, today a large entertainment planning company, Cui Shunde is also behind the backing and support". An Minxi further said a friendly with Cui Shunshi, Zhang Shihao known to every family singer, was invited to frequency in recent years as representative of South Korea to participate in the international event, in fact is a Shunshi Cui behind the force on the identity of the person, an Minxi suggested: "on behalf of the state level singers have several people in the entertainment circle, but only" that "in the past few years this kind of activity completely". According to the "Central Daily" reported that Zhang Shihao is very wide in the Korean entertainment network, among them with "L," singer "S TV actor, singer K"? Very good, Zhang Shihao also often appeared in "L singer" restaurant, and as a stronghold and a number of artists to dinner feelings. The news came out, attracted a lot of friends guess "on behalf of the country singer’s true identity, in recent years popular Bigbang, EXO, PSY without gun.相关的主题文章: