The first wiping red face, and these views allow you to advance pre – tourism Sohu dingxiangwuyuetian

The first wiping red face, and the scenery makes you pre – Sohu (the WeChat tourism public number Chengdu tour around ID:cdzhoubian, welcomed the attention ~ ~) in September, the most beautiful scenery is definitely the color forest. Red and yellow colors. Some places in the leaves have been changing colors together to see Ha, ha ~ Kim Magarot Magarot ditch ditch scenic area in the territory of the ABA Xiaojin County Township Board Village two ha, 350 kilometers from Chengdu, the traffic is convenient. Canyon, terrace, meadow, forest, streams, waterfalls, mountain lakes, wetlands, Xuefeng, polar ice and other natural scenery composed of beautiful scenery and unique Magarot ditch. The Magarot ditch is now regarded as one of the original Sichuan fam, still in the development is very limited, is a scenic spot but no tickets. Every autumn, here on the tour pal photography is only that a beyond count, intoxicating autumn. A cold autumn rain, accompanied by the Chengdu continuous rain, slowly into the deep autumn. The Magarot ditch leaves slowly red, the front has sent buddy shot, the first wave of autumn leaves, freakingly beautiful! Blue sky, white clouds. Although most of the leaves were green, but there are always some more anxious, in the wanton publicity of their bright colors. O brother always felt that "red with green ugly cry" this conclusion is correct, but also lost in the face of nature. Haha jungle Red Cross, a wild profusion of vegetation. The snow melting snow gathered into streams gurgle, away from the hustle and bustle of the city in this place, my mind is a blank, only in the eyes of the world. The more to go inside, elevation is also getting higher and higher. But to see the red leaves more and more high frequencies. Touch of red under the blue sky and white clouds, was turned. Walk the Magarot ditch, totally did not have those who deliberately made decoration, all is the simplicity of nature scenery. Here, see the autumn leaves the tour, mountain hiking, myself in nature, good board. Address: ABA Xiaojin Magarot scenic tickets: no car: Chengdu – Wenchuan – Lixian – zhuokeji – GuanZhai mountain – Magarot ditch: Dream pen drove Chengdu chadianzi station to the bus has arrived in two Xiaojin County, the county Xiao Jin can carpool or chartered to. Note: the Magarot trench to camp in Kazakhstan, but to bring their own tents and eat on the road, do not want to go camping can Xiaojin County shelter. Recommended play 2-3 days. Now only the Magarot ditch leaves red, but slowly the whole world will be dyed in autumn. O brother to give you some of the most autumn scenery, the next day, your circle of friends to be the beauty of these shuabing! Miyaluo speaking you are familiar with is Sai miyaluo. One of the largest area and the development of the scenic red leaves home, watching leaves fall, it is a place where most can not be ignored. To October, November, is the most beautiful time of miyaluo. Red yellow leaves are colorful, all over the mountains and plains. In mid October, Lixian also holds a red leaf Festival, but the most beautiful time is eleven)相关的主题文章: