The guy to walk and play with the mobile phone owners also escape drunk driving hit and killed ssdao

The guy to walk and play with the mobile phone owners also escape drunk driving hit and killed a young boy rainy night, walk and play with the mobile phone suddenly unexpected calamity: behind the car knocked down after death. Police rushed to the scene, the guy fell on the floor of the phone is still playing TV series. At present, the driver has been Jiangxia jingfangxingju. The vehicle in October 29th at 0 o’clock in the morning, Jiangxia traffic accident alarm Squadron, Dragon Street Huangjiahu Avenue on the west side of road accident, a young man who had died. The time is under a light rain, the police Cheng Feng, Ao Ao to take emergency personnel rushed to the scene and found the roadside, no street lights, a young man lying on the ground, have no breath. More than 10 meters away from the ground, a mobile phone is playing a TV series. Police at the scene investigation, also received 110 Command Center reported that the distance from the point of about 3 km, a car collided with a van coming to the van, the car driver abandoned the car fled. The police through the careful investigation confirmed that the owner is killed by the driver fled the small escape, and contact the owner of a chang. The vehicle owners rushed to the scene after that father drove into a disaster, immediately call the father to surrender. In the face of the police inquiry, a wine gas Chang admitted that night to participate in the gathering of students to drink two glasses of liquor, with his two friends hit an object home. After the incident, he took advantage of the wine to continue moving forward, the windshield knocked flowers, round the corner and collided with a minibus. Due to consult with a private van owners rejected the van owners and dig a mobile phone alarm, Chang and two students abandoned the vehicle and fled. Police handling the case, said the incident because no street lights, no surveillance video conditions, the guy may look at the side of the road while walking to see the car on the phone when the car hit from behind.相关的主题文章: