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The "harvest" the highest remuneration rose to 1000 thousand yuan   respect for pure literary creation – the media – original title: "harvest" the highest remuneration rose to 1000 thousand yuan according to local media reports, the Shanghai Writers Association’s two literary journal "Shanghai literature", "harvest" will be the highest remuneration standard up to 1000 this is one thousand yuan, Shanghai pure literature magazine since 2011 will be another breakthrough to improve the remuneration of 500 yuan per thousand words after. According to the "Shanghai literature" magazine, Zhao Lihong said, "Shanghai literature" since the year 7 had the highest monthly remuneration standard increased to 1000 yuan per thousand words, which makes "Shanghai literature" for budget one period from the original 80 thousand yuan to 170 thousand yuan a lift. Beijing Youth Daily reporter also learned that as early as the end of March this year, dozens of national literary journals editor in Wuhan held a forum, "Shanghai literature" editor at the time had said at the meeting: "first class publications should be the first stream of money, this year we will continue to strive for higher royalties." The editor that now in addition to literature, other cultural forms such as painters, musicians who are in ten times eight times the rate of increase, but published in the literary journal, has been paid is still very low, "higher remuneration is to respect the pure literature, the literary creation of the respect. The writer respect labor". But this thousand thousand dollars to get royalties also is not so easy, Zhao Lihong said: "the highest 1000 yuan per thousand words for a very carefully, make sure it is excellent masterpiece." Shanghai has always been leading in literary journals is leading the trend of reform of remuneration, in early 2011, including "Shanghai literature", "harvest" and other literary journals in Shanghai municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department to provide the "literature development fund" special funding for the first time to improve the draft standard for 500 yuan per thousand words, became domestic "" ground ", triggered national literary journal for reform, great influence on the literary circles. According to Zhao Lihong, the remuneration to increase again, the same is for funding from the Shanghai municipal Party committee propaganda department. He said thousand thousand yuan the highest remuneration standard not only keep ahead in domestic, from the world of pure literature creation is relatively considerable, and improve for the main purpose of a is to make the content of the publication quality guaranteed, the other one is that more publications do, such as "Shanghai literature" in recent years, through the new competition, has held a variety of novel young writers special way, explore Zhang Yi Wei and Li Chao, sun frequency and a number of outstanding young writers. "The editorial department is brewing by WeChat, new public promotion, WeChat will also pay their contributions, and will launch a paper supplement in the cumulative number of." (reporter Cui Wei) (commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Yan Shuai)相关的主题文章: