The Hefei men’s room two sell swindled 550 thousand yuan jailed for 6 and a half years denka

The Hefei men’s room two sell swindled 550 thousand yuan jailed for 6 and a half years of Anhui financial network to do business at a loss because the people of Hefei need money, Yang Moumou first will own a housing compensation for creditors, and fake real estate license housing will be sold again to others, causing the parties dispute not broken. In September 26th, the market star, Anhui financial network reporter from Hefei City Court was informed that the day before the defendant Yang Moumou found guilty of contract fraud, forgery of documents of state organs, seal jailed for 6 and a half years, and fined 300 thousand yuan. Yang Moumou is an individual industrial and commercial households, due to business needs to borrow funds to Zhang couple, due to a loss of business and money to return. In 2014 October, Yang Moumou to Zhang and his wife issued a statement: voluntary transfer of housing mortgage their name will be located in Hefei city Jingan District of Yaohai Economic Development Zone in Longgang metro area A a housing transfer mortgaged to Zhang and his wife. After Zhang issued a repayment plan: Zhang owed loan 1 million 200 thousand yuan, before the Spring Festival will be the house price of 640 thousand yuan before the end of June 2015, the balance of payments 320 thousand yuan, in December 30, 2015 to pay off. However, in 2014, in December, the urgent need for funds and the housing will be commissioned by a real estate management company. After a real estate management company intermediary, Yang Moumou signed a contract with the stock of housing sales, the two sides agreed to sell the house to 565 thousand yuan. Yang Moumou to conceal the fact that the house has been mortgaged to creditors, while providing a false real estate license for the transfer of registration. Until January 14, 2015, Hemou Hemou paid a total purchase of 554 thousand Yuan Yang Moumou, Yang Moumou house keys to Hemou, then the two sides agreed to pay the remaining 11 thousand yuan for the housing transfer, he moved into the house. At the same time, 16 of the same day, Yang Moumou and the housing transfer to Zhang wife for the debt, after Zhang couples are unable to get housing. As a result of the sale of two parties to the parties continue to dispute, Yang Moumou will cheat Hemou purchase money of $554 thousand for repayment of other debt. The day before, the court held that the defendant Yang Moumou illegal possession for the purpose of knowing that their houses have a set of compensation to the creditor, and the victim and the stock of the housing sales contracts signed, and the performance of the contract process, fake real estate license to conceal the truth, to cheat the victim of property, a total value of RMB 554 thousand yuan, its behavior constituted the crime of contract fraud. In addition, Yang Moumou in the sale of other houses forged state organs documents, seals, their behavior has constituted the crime of forging documents, seals. Accordingly, the court in accordance with the law in accordance with the crime of fraud, forgery of state organs documents, seals, sentenced the defendant Yang Moumou imprisonment in six years and six months, and fined three hundred thousand yuan. Star brother commented: Ming know only one suite, because the lack of money actually set up a room two to sell, resulting in disputes between the parties continue. Therefore, to remind consumers should be vigilant in the sale of housing when the content should be clear. Before the purchase must do a good job of adequate knowledge and legal reserves, only to know more talent相关的主题文章: