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The Imperial Palace imperial room will be open – Prince home painting — original title: the Imperial Palace imperial real prince homes will be opening in September 29th, the Imperial Palace West pathway will be the first opening, then, an imperial house, Prince Royal residence Yu a palace will be open. The autumn tour of the Imperial Palace, in addition to the "axis", was a new route choice. In September 5th, the Imperial Palace museum director Dan Jixiang revealed that from 2017 to 2020, the Imperial Palace will take four years to change the existing pattern of exhibition, which will become the biggest feature of the history of the Imperial Palace action exhibition change. "Cultural relics hospital" open before the end of the year according to the plan, this year, the Imperial Palace will open three channels, one of which is the West River Restoration room, here will become the the Imperial Palace heritage hospital "– conservation technology demonstration area. Shan said that by the end of the year visitors can observe the cultural relics repair. In addition, before the end of the year will also open the Royal freezer. Not only can accommodate 400 people dining at the same time, but also opened up a viewing platform, which can be viewed in Jingshan Hill park. "Open these channels to increase the open area, while the exhibition will also have a big change." Shan Jixiang said. After the launch of the "Little Emperors Toy Fair", the opening of the East and West channels in the the Imperial Palace, the new exhibition of the six house of the new plan will be more interesting. "We plan to show some exhibition related Neiting life here, let people through the display of the status quo about Royal life." Single and single. The six Western palaces of Yongshou palace, is a palace Yangxin Temple closest to the palace, building the Ming Dynasty palace of the Ming and Qing Dynasties two generations lived in Queens, the most well-known Qing emperor Kangxi eight sub yin? Mother is good imperial concubine to live here. In the future, it will show the legacy of the Qing Chinese medicine and food, which is also an important part of the life show. In addition, the hospital will be the emperor’s childhood life appliances out of the show, visitors here can see the little emperor’s toys. The imperial room will become a display area of the Royal kitchen. In addition, the museum treasures will also be changed, is under repair plus the Qianlong garden will become the main display of the emperor overlord during the exhibition. Next year plans to open a section of the wall Dan Jixiang introduction, the Imperial Palace will start repairing the Forbidden City wall, the system is the first time to repair the wall. It is reported that this year the the Imperial Palace open area will reach 76%. 2020, the Imperial Palace open area will reach 80% in 2025 to reach 85%. Shan Jixiang also revealed that next year the the Imperial Palace also plans to open a section of the wall, make the public more a good place to enjoy the scenery of the climb. The north gate of the the Imperial Palace shenwumen hall will also have a big action. According to reports, here is the test with two storey building, is expected to become a temporary exhibition shenwumen, next year will be held in the repair exhibition. (commissioning editor Dong Zilong and Pan Jiajia)相关的主题文章: