The Indian army troops in the border outpost increased by a row of a Military Channel –

The Indian army troops in the border outpost increased by a row of a Sohu – Military channel information: on January 15, 2016, in India, New Delhi, India troops lined up for the army day parade. Reference News Network reported on September 18th: U.S. media said, in July China at least two times in the northern India north, Ken Debon Bala Hoti crossed the line of actual control between China and India (LAC), which is the boundary between the two countries. In addition to Chinese aircraft reconnaissance flights in the region, it is reported that there are 20 to 25 people’s Liberation Army into the demilitarized zone. According to the United States James Don foundation website reported on September 13th, these events once again highlights the India in the 3488 km long printed in the vicinity of the disputed border of poor land connectivity. For example, India Bala HoTI frontier outpost on the only highway and 20 km away from LAC. Leave the road, we must rely on manpower and supplies shipped to the Sumpter border post. Although both countries are busy on their own side of the road and railway construction projects, but China’s progress is significantly more than India. India, the deterioration of its road, there is no railway, India increasingly worried that if a military confrontation with China, and LAC bad land connection will eventually cause a high price. Reported that, in order to narrow the gap, India is strengthening the military level and military infrastructure along the LAC. The number of troops border posts are increasing; in the past by a row of Posts now guarded by a guard. India is setting up a special mountain strike force of 80 thousand people to launch an offensive in Tibet. The T-72 tank Armored Regiment LAC West deployment will enhance the ability of. The 4 regiment deployed in the Zangnan area of the "Brad Moss" supersonic cruise missiles in eastern India will enhance the conventional military deterrence. According to reports, India’s air force and infrastructure has also been enhanced. The Soviet -30MKI fighter is currently taking off from a new base in eastern and northeastern India, with at least 6 squadrons of domestically made "sky" ground to air missiles guarding the airspace east of Himalaya Range. The old front landing site (ALG) is being renovated and new ALG and air stations are still being built closer to LAC. Reported that the failure of India in the Sino Indian border war in 1962, which has a profound impact on national psychology, reflected in its national defense and nuclear policy. After the war, India adopted a defensive strategic thinking for China, the most obvious manifestation of its reluctance to build roads near LAC for decades. India policy makers worry that in the event of another war between India and China, the new road near LAC will facilitate the rapid advance of Chinese troops to the center of India. As a result, in the middle of the first ten years of this century, India was conscious of the abandonment of existing roads near the border between India and China, and not building new roads. In 2006, India’s top national security policy-making body, the cabinet Security Committee, finally opened the green light for the construction of 73 strategically important roads near LAC. Although military considerations have driven the decision to upgrade the border infrastructure, but to live in remote border areas.相关的主题文章: