The man believes that 2 years ago has found the child, son of a tangled heart

Men think 2 years ago to find the child "son" a tangled heart morning news reporters Yang Yang and Chen Yaling morning two years ago, has become a key clue for the Jin Yongxiang network for many years, are found in Zhao Huadong of Henan. Just when Zhao Huadong thinks he is the "gold Yuanfei", father Jin Yongxiang has said that two years ago he had found the child and recognize the pro. Yesterday morning, contact the Jin Yongxiang two years ago Renqin "son" Xiao Zhu, Xiao Zhu out his tangled heart to reporters. [strange] "son" half do not answer the phone in November 2014, Jin Yongxiang happily found son Xiao Zhu, last year lunar winter off in Tongan cigarette and liquor vendor, returned the rental of old houses, ease back to Sichuan Zigong home for mother’s birthday, and ready to enjoy a self built housing. Arguably, the long lost son should often exchange, greeting each other, but after Jin Yongxiang returned home, Xiao never answered his phone. "I don’t know why he didn’t answer my phone." Yesterday, Jin Yongxiang said understand the hearts of more than a year, just after the magazine will call greetings, "father" 3Run almost every month, he also secretly pleased son of filial piety, but since he returned home, my attitude is slowly changed. "He said he was not free." Jin Yongxiang wonder, he returned home for a phone call Xiao Zhu, but was 3Run declined, then to 3Run call has not answered before, has been more than six months. [sad] love "father" to expose Jin Yongxiang’s heart to answer doubts, the reporter contacted the 3run. Xiao Zhu in the heart can not bear to the heart of the idea: "in fact…… I think…… I’m not the son he’s looking for." Xiao Zhu is poor man, five or six years old was abducted in Putian Xianyou, for many years he wants to find his parents, find her identity. In 2014, Jin Yongxiang and the Tongan police together in front of him, he hopes that with the blood pumping. "It wasn’t long before he (Jin Yongxiang) told me that the test results came out, I was his son." Xiao Zhu said that at first he did not dare to believe, but when Jin Yongxiang said to take him to the police view the test report, he chose to believe. 3Run together with his wife and children to Jin Yongxiang at the temporary office with Anyang Zhai, in Renqin and see if some can evoke childhood memories. "But after a walk, the scene was completely different from my memory." 3Run lost ground, that is when he thought it should be mistaken. "I can’t bear to directly expose the fact." Xiao Zhu said he was abducted children, that tracing is not easy, an old man searching for 10 years, eat Kushou tired a lot, in order to make Jin Yongxiang a spiritual sustenance, he also temporarily by default. However, the heart does not identify the 3Run, eventually choose to avoid the "father", but he has been unable to tell Jin Yongxiang the truth, only gradually alienated the father". When Xiao Zhu learned that Zhao Huadong probably is in the golden Yuanfei, he happily said a blessing. "If it were his son, I hope they will have a good time." [truth] DNA results were not fully matched;相关的主题文章: