The man died in the night in the foot massage shop residents too excited (video)

The man in the night of death silk foot massage shop: play too excited man at night in a massage shop to the death of residents: not what good data we have seen that massage shop, is a relaxing place, but have you ever heard of "silk foot massage shop? Massage on the massage, what is the relationship with the silk foot? Yesterday evening, Ji’nan Alexander Road East there is a foot massage shop thing. When reporters rushed to the foot massage shop, massage shop has pulled down the shutter door. Nearby residents said that the store is generally not open in the morning, the evening will be open until late. More than 7 points last night, someone saw an ambulance suddenly stopped at the door of the shop, everyone knew that something was wrong. Nearby residents told reporters: "I have a meal, the old man said to the ambulance, there, who knows a phone side." It is said that a man had an accident in the store. Nearby residents said: "that person can do? Let’s go in." Residents also said: "how to die, because it was too excited. This is not a good thing, to die here. Massage shop owner has been taken away by the police investigation. Nearby residents said, this shop is not a regular massage massage parlors, the main "silk" features, inside the girl when massage, there will be some provocative actions. By the time of the evening business, to patronize people are generally secretly go in, come out is also careful. The neighbors are tacit, never enter this shop massage. A neighbor told reporters: "last Spring Festival, my water pipes froze, I went to pick up some water, it was my first time to go in, I listen to the accent seems to be Guangxi. "The editor: whether it is a what kind of massage shop, a man died suddenly, after all, is not a small thing. I hope the police can investigate clearly, give an account of the deceased. (Shandong Taiwan Tang Fuchen)相关的主题文章: