The man with the faded pen 110 thousand yuan IOU IOU into white paper (Figure)-7470d

The man with the faded pen 110 thousand yuan IOU IOU into white paper (Figure) one hour after the original IOU into a piece of paper, leaving only.   after the restoration of the technology, the disappearance of the handwriting is back. Original title: Zhejiang, a man with a fade pen 110 thousand yuan IOU IOU IOU borrow money into white is the most normal thing, but the two sides set up ious after less than an hour, a handwriting on the completely disappeared, one hundred and ten thousand yuan IOU turned into white paper. Shaoxing Nguyen did not expect that he would encounter such a strange thing. The other with the pen, rewrite an IOU 24 year old Mr. Ruan is the city of Shaoxing City, from 2013 onwards, Mr. Ruan has lent a friend 120 thousand yuan ru. In 2014, Mr. Ruan Ru to issued a promissory note, confirm the fact of borrowing. Since then, Mr. Ruan to Ru Ru several reminders, but for various reasons to delay. In May 20th last year, an initiative to contact Mr. Nguyen Nguyen, agreed to deal with matters of borrowing. Second night at about 8, Ru a first returned ten thousand cash, and asked to rewrite the iou. Mr. Ruan did not think, when the original IOU return Ru is out of rewriting comes with pen an IOU, according to. After finishing, Ru readily throw the pen on the ground, quickly left the scene. Ru left, Mr. Ruan found IOU the words above is blue handwriting, he was not assured, so called Ru Ru, who know or do not answer the phone, or looking for a variety of reasons to refuse, is not willing to come back. When is the evening, Mr. Ruan under a street at the IOU, IOU but found the handwriting has been blurred, but he now contact Ru, the other is still looking for an excuse to refuse to rewrite the iou. Mr. Ruan worry, while a handwriting is not completely faded, he hurried to find acquaintances to testify, and a copy of a copy shop. After about an hour, Mr. Ruan finally dialed a phone did not expect Ru, Ru on the phone is very arrogant: "won’t handle to you, you did not, let me write IOU is not possible." But this time, only a few empty fingerprints left on the iou. 9:20 that night, Mr. Ruan alarm, police on duty to inform Mr. Nguyen’s encounter is an economic dispute, inadmissible. Later, Mr. Ruan Yizhisuzhuangjiang Ru a court. The original blank promissory note, even after another show of handwriting identification recently, Shaoxing City People’s court held a public hearing of the case of private lending disputes. Yinrumou denied that he had issued IOU involved, from February 25, 2016 to July 13th of the same year, the court on the basis of the plaintiff Mr. Ruan’s application, appraisal agency commissioned a professional to provide Mr. Ruan blank IOU, receipt content reduction and identification, after identification, the IOU handwriting actually appeared. Even though many technical treatment, IOU writing on some light, but still recognizable "received the Ruan Moumou picking up one million yuan", "2015.5" etc.. Technical officers court, a written receipt of Ru disappeared, Kai相关的主题文章: