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The Mid Autumn Festival, the prospect of future large space station: Chinese preview map: Launch Tiangong two has been fully equipped for the long march 2F rocket. The picture shows the long march 2F rocket leaving the plant to the launch area. Mid Autumn Festival this year, described as double happiness. The first XI, of course we can eat moon cakes in the holiday home; second Hi, is China’s mid autumn festival day scheduled for launch Tiangong two space laboratory, which means that China’s manned space program, "three steps" strategy of the second pace in the next entered the final phase, from 2018 onwards the "third step" is large space station construction officially started. The Lord is ready to see it together with you today, China future large space station is how. However, after all, is the launch of Tiangong two space laboratory, before we look at the reality of the imagination. Temple No. two, compared to Tiangong-1 (micro-blog) what progress? Temple No. two, the vast majority of Tiangong-1 design and there is no difference. This is normal, in accordance with the China space step by step, slow and steady style of Tiangong-1, the major task is to verify the docking technology, it has docked with the Shenzhou eight, No. nine and No. ten manned spacecraft, has completed the task of dreams. The main task of Tiangong two, this is 30 days, astronauts in orbit resident life. Before God, God, God eight nine ten crew in the temple on the residence time is about 1 weeks; the eleven gods and crew will be harder, in the Temple No. two, the aluminum pot life for 30 days, but the LORD did not believe that what problem. Compared to Tiangong-1, space lab Tiangong two task more, can even be said that it is the real space laboratory. Tiangong two will space atomic clock, quantum key distribution, gamma ray bursts polarimeter, cultivation of higher plants and comprehensive experiment 14 experiment. These tall on scientific experiments, the chief also is not very good, but it is certain that space atomic clock and quantum key distribution in two trials in the future will be useful for military applications. Figure: loading a long march 2F rocket Tiangong two, it is roughly consistent with Tiangong-1 design. In the hardware, Temple No. two, there are 3 explosion models of the intimate design innovation. The first is that the increase of Bluetooth equipment in the cabin, also is the astronaut can use Bluetooth wireless headset, so the astronauts can get rid of the bondage of cable, free space live show. The second is, equipped with in orbit maintenance technology verification device, the astronauts in the cabin using mechanical arm operating terminal in orbit maintenance test, do not have to wear a bulky extravehicular spacesuit adventure out of the cabin. Third, carrying a companion two miniature satellites into orbit, fly with the release. Companion No. two is equipped with high resolution full frame camera, flying around during the temple – Shenzhou combination shoot HD photos. We have been playing self timer, have played so high? After the launch of Tiangong two, Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft will be launched in October and docking, a month later, the Shenzhou eleven will return in November. Then, in April 2017, China will be a long march seven rocket launch in Wenchang, one day boat cargo ship with Tiangong two docking, then one day boat will Tiangong two supplement"相关的主题文章: