The military commander of the United States Chinese warning don’t ask for money to deliberately disc kairui

The military commander of the United States Chinese warning: don’t ask for money to deliberately discredit the U.S. Pacific Chinese number Harris hearings (information)   reporter: according to foreign media reports, the recent U.S. Pacific commander Harris in the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, accused China military deployment in the South China Sea, and said he believes China is seeking to establish "hegemony in East asia". What’s your comment on this? Wu Qian: Chinese to the path of peaceful development, pursues a defensive national defense policy. China has always advocated the peaceful settlement of the South China Sea dispute when the parties negotiate directly. As for general Harris talked about hegemony, but I want to ask, one of the country’s reefs for decades by other countries invaded a country offshore by other countries military vessels and aircraft frequently came close reconnaissance, a national army never provoke a war, such a country can be called "hegemony"? In China, "hegemony" is the word one, who, who knew. I also noticed that, according to media reports, general Harris spoke to Congress for more military budget, you fight for the military budget, we do not interfere, but you can’t ask for more money to wanton discredit China. 中国军方警告美司令:别为了多要钱就肆意抹黑中国 美军太平洋数量哈里斯出席国会听证会(资料图)     记者:根据外媒报道,近期美军太平洋总部司令哈里斯在参议院军事委员会听证会上,指责中国在南海的军事部署,并称他认为中国是谋求在东亚建立“霸权”。请问对此有何评论?   吴谦:中国坚持走和平发展道路,奉行防御性的国防政策。中方一贯主张通过当事方直接谈判和平解决南海争议。至于哈里斯将军谈到的霸权,我倒是想 要问,一个国家的岛礁几十年被别国侵占,一个国家的近海被别国军用舰机频繁抵近侦察,一个国家的军队从未挑起战争,这样的国家能被称为“霸权国家”吗?在中国,“霸权主义”这个词是有特指的,指的是谁,谁心里明白。   我还注意到,根据媒体报道,哈里斯将军是在向国会争取更多军费预算时讲这番话的,你争取军费预算,我们不干涉,但是你不能为了多要钱就肆意抹黑中国。相关的主题文章: