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The Ministry of environmental protection: Heilongjiang burning straw is domestic air pollution culprit original title: multi scale emergency is weak, to find the culprit! Talk about the scourge of the fog haze more than and 30 city has had on the head with the blue sky days, can a few days ago the fog haze, still cannot bear to think of the past. In November 4th, spicy sister circle of friends is a large area of the airport flight is canceled or delayed due to haze shuabing. At that time, travel from Jiangsu to Beijing behind myself wisely choose high hot iron, but the car to Shandong Dezhou, high-speed rail also started late, to find the conductor asked, "" visibility is too low, have speed limit". Anyway, I finally returned home at midnight, looked at the Beijing PM2.5 concentrations of each site was mostly in two hundred or three hundred, compared to a few years ago the feeling scale of this haze is not serious, but it seemed great. More than 9 points of the evening of November 6th, the Ministry of environmental protection will be after the notification was verified my judgment, the fog and haze, Beijing is really not the protagonist. However, informed or frightened spicy sister a jump, so informed of pollution (sister would rather not see it every day to Kazakhstan, blue sky) can be scared, because a group of the following numbers: more than 1 thousand and 600 km. At the beginning of November, the weather of Beijing Tianjin Hebei region of heavy pollution has not yet subsided, the northeast heavy pollution weather has made a comeback, starting from Harbin, along the Harbin Dalian line all the way south southwest of the direction of transmission, until the Shandong Peninsula, Jiangsu and Northern Anhui, affected 6 provinces more than and 30 city, spanning more than 1 thousand and 600 kilometers, a city burst table the degree of pollution, heavy, affecting a wide range of less for the calendar year. 1281 micrograms cubic meter. The affected by the haze in the city of Harbin City, the most serious pollution, PM2.5 daily mean and hourly value in November 4th reached 704 micrograms per cubic meter and 1281 micrograms per cubic meter, Daqing PM2.5 hours more than 1000 micrograms per cubic meter of value. After that, Anshan also joined the PM2.5 "thousands of hours worth of clubs". For heating, burning straw, Heilongjiang fire, burned out half a China haze in fact, the Northeast winter heavy pollution weather process in large scale, is not new, as Chinese Environmental Science Research Institute researcher Cai CDCC said, this situation has appeared in 4 consecutive years. A wide range of this pollution process in Northeast China, East China, the area began in November 3 – 4 Heilongjiang Province, Harbin, Suihua and Daqing, heavy pollution is mainly due to the local winter heating coal and biomass burning emissions, this is the main cause of regional large-scale heavy pollution "". Experts say too professional, the northeast cold burning heating can understand what is called biomass burning emissions? In fact, that is the burning of straw! Although the country has done a lot of work on the burning of straw Jinshao supervision, some local slogans also do very "hot eyes", in Heilongjiang’s, this straw burning lengshi control. According to the Ministry of environmental protection issued by the center of satellite remote sensing monitoring of straw burning, from October 31st to November 6th period, the environmental satellite monitoring of straw burning point there are 756, Heilongjiang, a winter相关的主题文章: