The most fake driver in history appeared in Hubei driver’s license score explosion table (video)-nvidia geforce gt 740m

"The history of the false driver appeared Hubei license score scale police jokingly: in addition to the steering wheel is false (video screenshot) is a fake driver’s license, driving license, the license plate is false is false, quasi driving qualification is false…… This also on the road again guards a little? In November 2nd, the Hubei police seized a "history of the false driver. In November 2nd 19 PM, provincial police public security police brigade in the two high-speed wide DONGYUEMIAO bayonet duty, a routine check on a truck from Yichang, Xu found the driver to produce a driving license with the same font, then the police will take them to the post for further verification. Public security network examination results let the police surprise: truck suspension "e E4395* license plate to apply the corresponding driving license; forged; and the driver’s qualification is the low agricultural vehicle C3 driver’s license, to the police to produce the B2 driver’s license is false. And a C3 driver’s license has reached the cumulative score of 22 points, is currently a "super cancellation recovery". After the police on the vehicle identification code and engine number, found that the test is valid until March 31, 2015, the State Department of motor vehicles "overdue inspection". Xu confessed that he did not learn the truck driver’s license, buy a second-hand goods on the short run transport, rarely go out. Previously, he spent 5000 yuan to find a claim to "people" the traffic police team people a B2 driver’s license, and in the secondary market to spend 2000 yuan to buy fake fake license plate and driving license. The police illegal behavior of drivers to make the punishment on the spot. Because of the implementation of the "the use of forged driving license and use of forged driving license", "the use of other vehicles, driving and driving license to drive incompatible vehicles", "illegal scoring 12 points is still driving a motor vehicle, motor vehicle is not in accordance with the provisions of the period the safety and technical inspection" total 6 violations, driver Xu fined 15600 yuan, 20 days of administrative detention, severely punished the driver’s license record 51 points. (reporter Zhang correspondent Zhang Si) video shot madness before kindergarten Lianzhuang two car driver was dragged down the masses attention Chu network official WeChat (micro signal: dachuwang), give you interesting and useful information, and send gifts every day. Scan two-dimensional code below concern.

“史上最假”司机现身湖北 驾照记分“爆表”民警打趣:除了方向盘全是假的(视频截图)驾驶证是假的、行驶证是假的、车牌是假的、准驾资格是假的……这样也敢上路行驶,还能再逆天一点吗?11月2日,湖北警方查获一名“史上最假”司机。11月2日19时许,省高警公安大队民警在二广高速东岳庙卡口执勤时,对一辆宜昌籍货车进行例行检查,发现司机许某出示的驾驶证、行驶证字体有异样,于是民警将其带至岗亭作进一步核查。公安网检查结果让民警大跌眼镜:货车悬挂的“鄂E4395*”号牌为套用;对应那本行驶证系伪造;而司机的驾驶资质是低速农用车C3驾照,向民警出示的B2驾驶证也是假的。并且许某的C3驾照累计记分已达到22分,目前属于“超分、注销可恢复”状态。民警经过比对车辆识别代码和发动机号,发现其检验有效期止2015年3月31日,机动车状态系“逾期未年检”。许某交代,他没有学过货车驾照,买这辆二手货车就短途跑一下运输,很少出远门。此前,他花了5000元找一个自称“交警队有人”的人办了一本B2驾照,又在二手市场花了2000元买到假车牌及假行驶证。民警对驾驶员的违法行为当场做出处罚。因为其实施了“使用伪造的机动车行驶证”、“使用伪造的机动车驾驶证”、“使用其他车辆号牌”、“驾驶与驾驶证载明的准驾车型不相符合的车辆”、“违法记分达到12分仍驾驶机动车”、“机动车未按照规定期限进行安全技术检验”合计6项违法行为,驾驶员许某受到罚款15600元、行政拘留20日、驾驶证记51分的严厉处罚。(记者 张扬 通讯员 张思)相关视频 实拍疯狂越野车幼儿园前连撞两辆车 司机被群众硬拉下来 关注大楚网官方微信(微信号:dachuwang),给你有趣、有用的资讯,还有好礼天天送。扫描下方二维码关注吧。相关的主题文章: