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The national heavy regulation of P2P platform e rent treasure with Pan Asia will become history – [] National Bureau of Sohu financial solutions to the heavy regulation of P2P platform! E rent treasure, Pan Asia will become history? Source: WeChat public number Knight Island today there is a small, but very important news, is one of the new regulations: "Interim Measures for the business management information network lending agency". Network lending, P2P, Internet banking…… All kinds of new terms, in fact most impress everyone, but the problem is the case — recently, e rent treasure case suspect has just been transferred to the judiciary, the suspects have been prosecuted pan. This provision from the draft to the introduction, and after a lapse of 8 months; people are concerned, can really take control of barbaric growth of the network lending? E rent treasure is a typical case, other problems of the platform is also often hit the newspapers. But we usually do not have the concept of network lending in the field is how messy? Don’t say the impression, let’s look at the data. The first half of this year, the net lending platform is a 515 home run away; and because, cash difficulties, such as a variety of positions involved in the investigation of economic exit in this area, there are 268. For the CBRC’s words, " the size of the industry momentum of rapid growth, business innovation, risk track chaos occurs ". So, in the field of Internet banking, net loan in the end how fierce? At the end of June 2016, net loan institutions nationwide operating a total of 2349, loan balance of 621 billion 261 million yuan. Relative to a year and a half ago, the growth rate is quite alarming, respectively, an increase of nearly 50% and nearly 5 times. But the proportion of the problem also quite high, as of the end of June 2016, the national total problem platform for a total of 1778, accounting for about 43.1% of the total number of institutions. What is this concept? Nearly half of them have problems. Even more frightening is the problem of net loan platform growth. 2013, the annual problem platform has 76; 2014, an increase of up to 275; in 2015, there are more than 896, is in the year of 3.26 times. In other words, 3 years, the number of problems of net loan platform, the average growth rate of more than 300%! One is the net loan platform ferocious, savage growth, on the other hand, problems emerge in an endless stream. Like e, rent treasure group, so greatly Pan Asian investors, and even lead to mass incidents, it is not difficult to understand the logic. Of course, this also exposes the regulatory loopholes can not keep up with this new thing. So, the new regulation is imperative. In fact, in December last year, the China Banking Regulatory Commission and the Ministry of public security, network information office and other departments jointly issued the "Interim Measures for business activity management network credit information agency (Draft)", the end of the " net loan industry; no barriers, no standards, no supervision of " " three " the situation. In the formal regulations today, the network lending chaos, there are a few strokes to write. Not the first recruit, negative.相关的主题文章: