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The OLED version of iPhone8 or a goods supplier capacity: to "Alexander" – Sohu technology Sohu technology Wenwang Xue Ying iPhone 8 will use the OLED screen? It seems consumers look a bit early: Recently, some foreign media said that the current global OLED screen four major supplier capacity has improved, but the level is still unable to meet the iPhone 8 on the OLED screen capacity requirements, and this situation can be resolved at least until 2018. Subject to the vendor’s apple, whether it will be delayed in the next generation models equipped with OLED screen, and now has become a big variable. Currently, the world’s four major screen manufacturers were Samsung Display, LG Display, SHARP and Japan Display. Previously, Samsung for the potential opportunity to vigorously expand the OLED production line, but its productivity is still far from being able to meet the requirements of an iterative iPhone on the new screen. "Apple has been forecast to market on the use of OLED screen models will be how strong, but they also know that short board supply, market research agency IHS Markit supply chain analyst Dan Panzica believes that Apple itself quality on the screen very strict requirements, coupled with the major manufacturers in the production of the next generation of weakness the new iPhone really can use OLED full of unknown. "The selling point of display technology still have" market research firm Creative Strategies analyst Ben Bajarin of OLED iPhone are still optimistic about the technology as a selling point. Prior to informed sources said that the use of the new OLED screen iPhone or will use a new design, the back of the glass material equipped with borderless screen, but apple did not give any comment. As everyone knows, 2017 will usher in the 10 anniversary of the advent of iPhone, the industry generally believe that Apple will be in the next year in the new brewing strokes, iterative update of the new iPhone machine, use the OLED screen in the hearsay is undoubtedly the spot. However, KGI securities analyst Guo Mingchi also pointed out that Apple will launch at least 3 or iPhone, except OLED, the other 2 or continue to use the existing LCD screen, and the reason is the supplier production capacity to keep up with full swing OLED screen technology demand. It is reported that SHARP and Japan’s OLED display screen is still in the testing phase, plans to put into operation in 2018, but we also have some doubts about the future of OLED technology. Earlier this month, Japan display President Shuji Aruga has pointed out that, in a short period of time, LCD and OLED in the high-end mobile phone market will be on a par with, "we haven’t arrived to choose between the two in the decisive moment…… The reason why we can not stop the production of OLED screen is to prevent the loss of the existing OLED technology driven market". Compared to the expansion of Samsung, upgrade technology SHARP and Jap?相关的主题文章: