The opening of Haikou in winter, the pilgrimage to control is the dessert! – Sohu to eat and drink w32dasm

| opened in Haikou during the winter, the pilgrimage to control is the dessert! Sohu and the Hainan in the winter with snow all over the sky of the north is a world of difference and shivering in the south are not the same here, still lush flowers blooming time, fragrant flowers are the most important, from autumn to winter in the vast ice when most goods have occupied Haikou is still control the pilgrimage in the dessert this dessert and seafood is also known for the beautiful tropical climate gives Hainan dessert autumn temperament let you have to incomparable! Honey Xi dessert Haikou Sun Plaza Shop in November 11th grand opening! 1, November 11th -11 month 13 days, 2 full 32% off dessert stores WeChat first forwarded circle of friends, the show received 12 yuan of Hong Kong style milk jelly (each a micro signal limit to get a limited edition of 200 copies, 3), meal card recharge huge benefits, please go to the store consultation. A Durian dessert coconut honey hee attitude drunk setting, areca over Hainan (Hunan), from Hunan to Hainan, from Changsha to Haikou, a distance of more than 1 thousand kilometers, it is a travel stop attitude of durian. Enjoy the sweet memories in the tongue taste buds, intertwined durian lingering, fresh fruit has been unable to describe this season, with pride of unassuming youth is eternal, only dessert. 70, 80, 90, 00, 10 after it is worth a taste of the delicate and unique temperament and elegant taste of space superman two pairs in knots, leisurely in the sofa in honey hee spend a sweet afternoon best to eat durian durian pizza: Pizza Changsha, Dalian, Haining and other places known as it is best to eat durian durian pizza, have great originality, inheritance! Ma Su, Malaysia durian mozzarella cheese together, a rich aroma smell. Durian meat delicate fragrance, cheese thick thick, more brittle micro Italian pizza base, the first bite of stunning, soft waxy and sweet taste, full of durian pulp and cheese flavor. The time of durian dessert: Melaleuca "if you want a layer to open my heart, you will find that you will be surprised, you are my most depressed, the deepest secret." Yes, that is a layer of durian Melaleuca, Golden Pillow durian, thousand layer of skin, pure handmade, no preservatives and artificial coloring. Thousands of layers of skin elastic taste good, the cake is delicate, soft and delicious. Conquer your taste buds with pure manual. Sometimes, would rather choose not to let go the durian durian hooked: sometimes, sometimes, would rather choose not to let go of durian. Haikou is the summer of the year, when the ice is suitable. The snow white bottom, Golden Pillow durian, Thailand imported black glutinous rice. Thailand black glutinous rice stick tooth elastic teeth, strong sense of particle rich soft waxy, durian, fresh snow bottom. "Supporting role" will also have spring: Snow Mountain Yang branch of mango is a supporting role? NO is also a pig of mango, mango, grapefruit, spring, sago, pure natural raw materials. The color is bright and attractive, with mango ice cream, looks good. Fresh mango, grapefruit, sweet and sour cream in the cool, refreshing taste, sweet and delicious, this is a difficult 8相关的主题文章: