The Philharmonic city strong word-of-mouth praise – burst 100% interesting entertainment Sohu-roxane hayward

The Philharmonic "city": strong word-of-mouth praise – burst 100% interesting entertainment Sohu "Philharmonic city" poster   film; on rotten tomatoes harvested 100% freshness guards from "Philharmonic city" as the opening film of the seventy-third Venice Film Festival, the extraordinary harvest zero poor reputation. Foreign media have praised the film "the absolute success of the works. Let people want to keep watching." "After the" burst "drummer brought the dream director Chazelles works. The movie as its name (La La Land) as light, with tap dance steps, into the hearts of the romantic past hope." "The song and dance is also a kind of possibility, and Chazelle proves to us that the song and dance scene is not only suitable for the intimate emotional drama but also to show the magnificent scene." In the famous movie website rotten tomatoes even got 100% of the burst of praise. Sohu entertainment exclusive Zhuangao (Wen Guojie) 80 American director Damien Chazele, with the previous "drummer" burst caused by hot shortlisted three Oscar awards in the Cannes Film Festival, the film Philharmonic "city" is only his third director works, was named this year’s Venice Film Festival Competition unit, and as the opening film for the Golden Lion for the start.     the same is a jazz theme, "drummer" burst in the front, and "high commander" Ryan Gauss forest and rock sister Emma Stone to play the girders, served in the United States on 40s and 50s smash hit musical century finally once again concern hot. The Philharmonic "city" with those of the classical musical line — story cliche, audio-visual film in this amazing, Cha Zelei was director of the jazz drummer lens, dasudaya, strong interesting. The Philharmonic "city" is about a want to have their own music club, like playing music love jazz pianist Sebastian (Ryan Gauss Lin) and a cafe to be overweeningly ambitious actor Mia (Emma Stone) the fall, in several times after the encounter in love, but because of breaking up the ideal and the reality the gap between the trend of their life. Although the story is so popular that no subtitles can be understood, the songs and dances are very impressive. The opening of Losangeles highway traffic jam Party consists of several long shots and several short scenes, scene scheduling is very exciting, the situation into a surprise dance scene is hi to burst, so this section by the end titles when applause. As a musical soul, for the film soundtrack is in "burst" in collaboration with the director and drummer Justin Hurwitz, won nine Grammy American rap singer and musician John legend also has in the film appearance vocals, the film soundtrack is bound to become a new target for fans and fans. Compared to music, Mandy Moore’s choreography is not too amazing, but is also very high, seductive. Due to the high commander and stone sister is not occupation dancer, this is not a virtuoso, but with the scene and the camera choreography is more appropriate, such as Trailer "high command" and "stone sister" two — sunrise double tap dance.相关的主题文章: