The professor was shelling actors, Fan Bingbing choked back should not discriminate against any occu-ssdao

The professor was shelling "actors", Fan Bingbing choked back: should not discriminate against any occupation of Fan Bingbing micro-blog screenshot entertainment news (the leaves) recently, Fan Bingbing film "I am not Pan Jinlian" was invited to Huazhong Normal University, but after 10 minutes he was asked to leave: "if you do not take off immediately, then a suspected friends since the end of the University’s Vice Chancellor issued a document:" shelling in micro-blog China Normal University does not welcome such actors!" Professor micro-blog shots today (October 28th) morning, Fan Bingbing responded in a micro-blog document, domineering reiterated that "much slander I stand, will afford much praise." "this pot I back up and said," should not discriminate against any kind of occupation, taking the anger choking Professor: "teacher, please do you remember!" Fan Bingbing attended the Fan Bingbing micro-blog Original: to say, think things will calm down, really, this pot hit a little pain, fortunately, I have to rub the ice state is not so painful ah! Hold by all kinds of pot hit is not hundreds of times, when the iron head to the practice! After all, now practicing this work less, some skills had been handed down. Know what I remember this sentence I said: how much I can withstand slander, afford much praise. Take this pot off my head, and I’ll carry it back! Not so complicated to want to do not understand, to and fro all that a little thing! Ps (actor is my dream, I am proud of the occupation, although there are deficiencies, but also in the process of trying to run. I respect and revere my profession, and I think that no one should discriminate against any kind of profession! Also, a teacher, please remember!)相关的主题文章: