The Pu’er Tea blending material, pure and single – and Sohu super bass

The Pu’er Tea together with pure material and plant nouns, blending, and Sohu – pure material per plant, the three in 2007 Pu’er Tea in the circle of hot tea, to countless confusion. On the market side merchants and the so-called "experts" by blending, pure material, plant three concepts to the story, the other one or two concepts touted denounce confusion, audio-visual selling price. As a result, the tea also formed a blending of pie, pure material sent per faction, all that their view is correct, arguing with each other, so that ordinary tea is not clear and not confused. In Yang seems the same quality and grade trees blending tea, pure tea, tea plant material, each has advantages and disadvantages, each with its own characteristics, no one is absolutely better than the other two. Blending refers to different areas, storage year, old dry tea, tea was being mixed in proportion. Blending tea taste rich, multi-level, be the most changeful, can fight with head mountain pure material does not have the taste of tea. Spell tea is embodied in the division of tea to understand, the hearts of the pursuit of the taste of tea. People can not be restricted, together with tea flavor change is limitless. Summed up as a word is "change" word. Blending tea blending methods as following: first, the transverse mixing and blending division with the same year in different areas of the dry leaves for blending. Two, vertical blending, blending division with the same area in different years dry leaves for blending. Three, blending, blending division by different years and areas of dry leaves for blending. Four different seasons, the dry leaves for blending, such as: spring and autumn tea blending. Five, ancient trees tea, ecological small tea, platform tea match. The different raw material fermentation degree of six, ripe tea blending. Pure material tea is a specific area of tea, the tea is picked from different areas in the tea, mixed together, can reflect the region at the unique characteristics of sense, show the Pu’er Tea Qianshan Qianwei mountain beauty. But some old Short Hills Tableland Tea, the origin of the characteristics is not obvious, it is difficult to distinguish by drinking, this tea is called pure tea does not pay the real material. Therefore, that can reflect the characteristics of Yang mountain tea, are eligible to be called a pure material of tea. Tea plant is made into a tea leaf tea, a single pure sense. In theory, the taste of tea can best represent the characteristics of tea producing areas. However, due to the large differences in individual taste of tea trees, the same tea tree in the vicinity of the taste of two trees may have different, but it is difficult to fully reflect the characteristics of the mountain. For example, the old class chapter Kuyou tea and sweet tea, taste very different. Yang in 2015 to visit the village of the old class, tasting the stockade three trees of fresh tea, bitter taste different, have different characteristics. Among them, next to a completely different with the two tree tea bud reflects is bitter, sweet style in a small river tight. Whether with tea, pure tea, tea, tea is a member of the family, no one better than anyone else. Good health, good drink tea is good tea. On the Pu’er Tea purchase, brewing and drinking tea with knowledge, please kanang Chayi Shi Dong? Individual number: dydy500 (long press copy) the exchange of learning. This article through?相关的主题文章: