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The sea is good when the egg has high current price: space down clients view the latest market report: overview and analysis the factors of strategy 1701 and 1705 short unilateral logic 1, September seasonal decline: a seasonal point of view after the egg prices fell by the objective at the beginning of September. The main driving force comes from cooler temperatures and a rise in the rate of egg production coupled with the end of the food factory. 2, the supply will be a substantial increase in the late fall of seasonal amplitude and time will make the beginning of September is long: new production opened September incremental larger population is expected to continue until December, and for the elimination of a relatively small amount of chicken. 3, the cost of end of the main raw material of corn bearish trading strategies 1701 and 1705 JD1701 short unilateral strategy Jiancang target point 3400 near every altitude, down the first goal 3200, second target 3000 stops 3500. JD1705 to lighten up the target point 3200 near every altitude, down the first goal 3000, second target 2800 stops short of the 3300 risk control single point is that the risk of abnormal fluctuations in the cost of corn and soybean meal by the end, and stop positions set strict risk control. A logical analysis of 1 Factors and strategy of the seasonal pattern will gradually decline in Figure 1 determines the spot data from egg seasonal trend: the seasonal variation of wind egg is very obvious, the summer heat makes the laying rate drop is the main driver of the summer seasonal rise, around the beginning of September, the weather and temperature drop over stocking food factory. The price inflection point at this time. Statistics over the seasonal amplitude (unit: Yuan 500kg): according to seasonal judgment, a substantial increase in the supply of the year, the September highs after the stock fell by a big margin, and lasts for a long time, can refer to the 11 year trend. 2 supply will be a substantial increase in the large decline in egg production rate of egg stage can be divided into three stages: 1, laying stage starting in about 19 weeks laying chickens from the first egg to 25 weeks for laying up. Two weeks before the egg is not normal, for laying a long time interval, double yolk egg, soft shell eggs, some eggs and small eggs. 2, the peak of egg production from the beginning of the twenty-sixth week of egg laying to the laying of the egg, the egg laying hens to enter the peak of the egg laying rate of about 90% in about forty-fifth. 3, the late production from the beginning of the egg laying 46 weeks to the end of the egg laying for the latter 72 weeks. After the peak of egg production, the weekly egg production rate decreased by 0.5 to 1%, to the laying of the week of the week, laying down to about 70%, at this stage, weight, egg weight increased slightly in. After 72 weeks, the egg production rate decreased obviously, and the breeding profit was not good. Figure 2 the laying rate and egg weight curve data source: China Sea yoshitoki Futures Institute for population trend judgment first and three stage of the analysis, specifically through chicks prices and parent population situation analysis.相关的主题文章: