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Spirituality Religion tells us we die and go to heaven. Spirituality information tells us we are eternal. The secret is in creating unlimited life that transcends time. Whether it be meditation or new age religious practices makes no difference with the concept of time. We would observe that the buds on a tree are just as young whether that tree is old or young, and the bud has a .pleted tree wholly within itself. That tree does not grow old except through the limitation of years that man puts on it. Can you see how nothing ever really grows old except through the limits that the human species puts on it? Life should not be measured by years. Life can really only be measured by itself and as we have .e to understand here, life is eternal, always in the moment and is limitless. It is only the thoughts of human beings that limit this concept of life. It is only the thoughts of human beings that reduce the eternal process of life to a limited space-time event we know of as a particular life lived out from birth to death. Without the limiting thoughts concerning the beliefs of human beings we could clearly see the unlimited aspects of our existence and, with that clarity, we could throw off the shackles of limitation that rule our existence at this point of our eternal evolution. Man has used time as a contrivance for his own convenience but that delineation does not restrict life in the truest sense that life is an eternal process. What it does is restrict our manifest possibilities by allowing us to believe in a concept of time-related existence. Once again, it is our thoughts about time that make time seem so real in our lives. We prioritize and emphasis the importance of time in almost every aspect of our day-to-day living. From the time the alarm clock rings, to the time we allow ourselves our daily .mute, to the time we get to eat some lunch, to the time we are free from the work place, to the time for supper, to the time for nightly news, to the time for our favorite sit-., or reality show, to the time for bed we are ruled by the clock on the wall, on our wrists, on the dashboard, and in our heads. We schedule our lives full of time-related events that be.e so mundane and routine that anything out of the ordinary either a cause for celebration or something to be avoided because it is outside our norm. Some people limit themselves so much by time that they fear anything that isn’t part of their routine. They don’t want spontaneity. They want their schedule. They don’t want to leave their boring job of drudgery. They want the security of what they know and what they are used to. They want to stay in the .fort zone of their own making. Mortal man alone does this. The true person, the person who understands that she is a spirit child of God, places no limitation on time. Only the mortal people, the people who truly believe in their own mortality, have this strong designation of time as a ruling and controlling factor in their existence. It rules their lives to such an extent that early on in their lives they have already designated a time for their own physical death. When they are twenty-five they proclaim that they will live to be seventy-five and then proceed to map out their lives in order to die on time. Sounds silly, doesn’t it, but I would wager that some time in our life you have thought similar thoughts. Did you read what I just wrote? . some time in your life you have thought similar thoughts. It is your thoughts about your life that determines what happens in your life. In the larger picture of society we can observe that the cumulative thought of mankind over many centuries has been this idea that we have a limited time here on earth. We, as human beings, have thought up this huge wall of suppositions that has created an almost impe.rable barrier between how we believe our existence to be and what the true nature of how things really work actually is. We have been working on this false philosophy and building this barrier for so long that we actually believe that our interpretation and dependence upon this concept we call time is the right interpretation, and that there is really no other way to view life except in this time dependant, limiting point of view. Thank God (pun intended) that we also created this concept of writing articles so that we might give voice to radical ideas that challenge convention. Say amen to the power of words. Let us challenge our long-held thoughts and beliefs with words that will allow us to change the way we are thinking and think different thoughts. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: