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The "star chef" to finish endurance than physical Jinhaihu staged sea wars – Sohu   entertainment; large delicacy reality show "Star kitchen assembly" Sohu entertainment news this time, Optimus Prime Kaka came to Beijing travel over land and water Pinggu Jinhaihu, on behalf of the class leader Jiantao Hong, Sha Baoliang, Chen Jia, Yan, An Hu a line of four to Jinhaihu looking for, well-known far and wide "two Lake King", Zang Hongna and Cheng Ye early in the morning to Jinhaihu waiting to eat fish, but not the row number, also joined the ranks of the delicacy for chefs. In Jinhaihu dam, physical strength, luck, face value, spell spell spell Monopoly game continues, which wins, can find clues to the chef? For more details, please continue to focus on Tianjin satellite TV, Southeast TV, a large food reality show "Star kitchen assembly"! Really looking for kitchen fragrance Cheng Ye Sha Po sing uninterested specifically looking for glasses star kitchen to the use of kayaks reached Jinhaihu central yacht, but without a paddle boat! All depend on the wave?! Use their lottery made the guy thing, we Gexianshentong, The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea! In the end, which team first arrived at the yacht? Yacht? An Hu Chen Jiayan staged the Titanic; Cheng Ye glasses he accidentally fell into the water, why? Find the absent-minded chef? The blue team got the clue card "cattle chef table", through the heavy grinding test, thirty-six meter with the times, whether the most cattle find the legendary chef? After a flood, the amber team tread on Air Force bonfire iron princess figure test, An Hu’s "big disappointment tread on air, holding the sword out of the team came to the Falklands continue to search for the chef, and will encounter what absurd test? Zang Hongna tried out the power of blowing fire, several people together to eat a delicious Sliced Fish in Hot Chili Oil, really the chef will appear? Hu’s romantic and enjoy the whole fish feast big sword team overnight sleeping bag An Hu team found true chef won the prize, romantic star whole fish feast for enjoyment; most super five star luxury hotel, Hu team excited; Jiantao Hong Hongna Zang Sha Po apron overnight bag, days are, for the bed, under the stars talk about romance worry. What challenges will be waiting for them in tomorrow’s Gourmet journey? For more details, please pay attention to Friday night 21:20 Tianjin TV, 20:30 Sunday night southeast TV "Star kitchen assembly"!相关的主题文章: