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Fashion-Style The first wedding dress design is not very complicated. High waist skirt of vertical lines, with pleated sleeves and open collar which was low was a replica of popular wedding dress styles at that time. Silk and satin fabrics are the main wedding dress fabric. Later, the wedding style is long and down to the ankle, before the rate cut skirt with a straight line. The slopes after are laden with another piece of trailing skirt. Walking slowly with the flowing skirt on the red carpet in the church, the bride can show her grace to the fullest. After the wedding style, low neckline was replaced by demure high-necked. Multi-purpose gorgeous brocade materials will be used, collar, cuffs and skirt is also laden with a lot of floral. Early 20th century, the Colored Wedding Dresses is getting shorter and shorter which can make the bride feel free to dance. It has a feature that allows the bride in the wedding party on the unique style. Walking into the 30s, popular wedding dresses are tight-fitting which will make the bride more charming and moving. In the 40s, simple cut of the wedding dress, sweetheart neckline and long sleeve gloves become a trend of the fashion. When it comes to the 60 years, the short wedding dresses were very popular among the brides. Some brides even choose the mini wedding dress. Raw materials like linen and cotton are the most popular during that time. 70s wedding dresses which are highly decorative can show a deep sense of nostalgia. In the 90 years, wedding dresses are designed to break the traditional rules. Will you get married along together with your lover in a few days? Now in my view, the most important thing is to pick a stunning and suitable wedding dress. But do you know why all the individuals who would get married are going to buy wedding dress? Do you know the origin of wedding dress? There is a romantic story of wedding dresses. In the 15s, Ireland royalty loved hunting. day, when they went to a tiny town for hunting, which is in the north of Ireland, they met a girl named Miss Rose, she is so stunning that Richard Earl fell in love along with her at the first sight, and Miss Rose also attracted by Richard’s good-looking. So they fell in love each other. But the royalty disagreed with their marriage. In order to make Richard gave up the idea forever. They figured out an idea, they demanded Rose made out a long dress a night. All royalty and Richard thought that was impossible. But Rose thought it was simple, they cooperated with all the people in town and they made out a long wedding dress a night which was 16 meters long. The royalty were moved by her intelligence. They performed a fairy story on the marriage ceremony. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: