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The Taiwan Museum of Asian ports Exhibition "learn", the Museum of Beijing, Beijing, Quanzhou, August 29, (Liao Jing) the Taiwan history museum curator Wang Changhua in Fujian on 29 seventeenth Century 16, Quanzhou said that the planning of East Asia international port city exhibition is the museum, the deep investigation of Fujian Quanzhou port, Zhangzhou ancient coral port of the ancient port, at the same time will also go to the dispersed in Singapore, Malaysia and Japan to the ancient port survey. "We will support the historical position of Taiwan in terms of words, cultural relics, maps, folklore, etc.." Wang Changhua said, in addition to the daily Museum exhibition exchanges, but also in-depth field collection of objects, image acquisition, etc.. "We expect the city to be international." August 29th, Wang Changhua, director of the Taiwan Museum of history and his party came to the Quanzhou Museum of overseas communications history, understand the story of religious stone in Quanzhou. Photo by Liao Jing Wang Changhua, the Quanzhou as the first station, in addition to visit the Quanzhou Maritime Museum, Quanzhou Museum of Chinese history, but also will go to the Shi Lang memorial hall, the ancient ruins of Anping Harbor site in-depth visits, feelings of human geography, social and cultural difference, conversation, and local master data acquisition. On the same day, in the history of the Museum of overseas communications in Quanzhou, the long history of religious stone carvings, the broad and profound history of the boat and detailed records of cultural relics and folklore to Wang Changhua and his party left a deep impression. Wang Changhua said that the object is the life of the museum, where objects are rich, but at the same time the museum in the collection, personnel research has also been a great development, it is worth learning. The two sets are often exchanges, both Museum researchers often conduct academic research. Wang Changhua believes that from the beginning of fourteenth Century, Quanzhou as a place for the intersection of Chinese and overseas culture, here is the most exciting place for the integration of foreign cultures, is in line with the exhibition of East Asia port. Quanzhou and Taiwan between the two places, a narrow strip of water, trade exchanges and other long-standing. Wang Changhua also hope that the future can be launched from the two aspects of research, objects to the museum and other aspects of in-depth exchanges. Guo Yusheng, deputy director of the Quanzhou Maritime Museum, before the museum’s Navigator Zheng He exhibition series multiple exhibition tour of Taiwan, the "historical complex Maritime Silk Road" introduced to Taiwan, this time also hope that both sides can more exchanges and cooperation. (end)相关的主题文章: