The taxi did not agree to carpool women’s morning thrown high speed road vidalia

The taxi did not agree to carpool women’s morning thrown high speed road JINGWAH times dispatch (reporter Feng Huamei) yesterday morning about 1:30, she took a taxi company built in the capital airport, for refusing to carpool is placed into the airport expressway entrance. Rental companies responded that passengers have objections to the valuation of the taxi, did not reach an agreement with the driver to get off. MS Leung said that yesterday morning, she landed in the domestic T1 terminal exit taxi. A taxi company to build a car over, Ms. Liang told the driver and the destination. Taxi driving to the airport high-speed road, the driver said to turn back to the airport by carpooling, Ms. Liang refused, the driver will be required to get off. "At that time, the high speed of the vehicle in the high-speed road, but also at night, in order to safety, I refused to get off and asked the driver to travel to the destination agreed," Liang said. Leung said, the driver must repeatedly said back to the airport carpool access, Ms. Liang refused to carpool, "if he insisted on carpooling, you can put me back in the terminal". But the driver does not agree to be returned to its original place, that is not afraid of complaints, and eventually get off, put on the airport highway. Liang said about 10 minutes later, she stopped a taxi at the entrance of the high-speed. Yesterday, Jin Jian taxi company responsible person surnamed Gu said, one of the company’s operations at the airport when the driver did pull the lintel and the normal woman playing table, driving, Ms. Liang saw the starting price of 13 yuan is not challenged. The driver explained that the starting price and price is higher at night than during the day, the fare 100 yuan. But Ms Leung said that the usual taxi fare is about 80 yuan, to the destination, only to the driver $80. Gu surname official said, because the taxi can not bargain, the driver did not agree with the requirements of ms.. Subsequently, Ms. Liang asked the driver to pull over the initiative called off, Ms. Liang at the airport to get off the road after the auxiliary high-speed driver to turn back to the airport, continue to operate. The taxi company said Ms. Liang because of a dispute initiative called off statement on the purchase price, Ms. Liang responded that oneself to the starting price of a taxi driver to carpool is no objection, the excuse, "I don’t care how much is the starting price, as long as the driver can be metered".相关的主题文章: