The tenth Hefei Fair will be staged at the National Animation Festival of

The tenth Hefei Fair will be staged at the National Animation Festival joy house dance contest, children’s drama, animation industry, CIG thousand whipped egg electronic games, animation exhibition, photography exhibition of succulent plants…… At the tenth Hefei fair, the seventh Hefei comic and Animation Festival fall festival will offer a national animation happy festival for all the tourists, especially those who love animation. According to the introduction, in November 2007, the national animation development base settled in Hefei, a large number of animation and derivative products enterprises have rooted in our city, opened the new era of animation industry development in our city. In order to further promote the development of cultural undertakings and cultural industries, create animation industry development atmosphere, and optimize the development of animation industry brand, in 2008, the first animation festival of Hefei came into being, so far it has developed into a well-known and influential brand. In Hefei Animation Festival, the number of people directly involved in the tens of thousands of people, about 20000 spectators live activities, through the network live watching the number of about 150 thousand people. The seventh Hefei Animation Festival in previous activities on the basis of adding thousands of children’s drama, animation, animation display, whipped egg succulent photography show more variety of activities. "We are still interactive area for different age tourists for fishing for goldfish, shooting, basketball, golf, Air National Touhu, archery, shiatsu sheet ten skipping entertainment." Introduction of the responsible person of the organizer. Maybe you don’t know, E-sports has been listed as the Olympic Games project, the vast number of E-sports enthusiasts is no longer only to play games for the purpose of PK, but back on their own equipment, in the "sports field" for a contest between masters. It is worth looking forward to, the Eleventh National Games of Hefei E-sports competition finals will be held during the comic and animation festival. The events included hero alliance, Warcraft III, storm hero, hearthstone legend, DOTA2, CS-GO, FIFA-ONLINE3, souls of the blade, vanity, ball war etc.. By then, visitors to Hefei Fair will be able to see an unprecedented grand game feast.

第十届合肥文博会即将上演全民动漫欢乐盛典   宅舞大赛、动漫产业儿童舞台剧、千人掼蛋、CIG电子竞技大赛、动漫摄影作品展示、多肉植物展示……在第十届合肥文博会上,合肥第七届动漫欢乐节秋季展将为各地游客,尤其是喜爱动漫的市民献上一场全民动漫欢乐盛典。   据介绍,2007年11月,国家动漫发展基地落户合肥,一大批动漫及衍生产品企业纷纷扎根我市,开启了我市动漫产业发展的新纪元。为进一步推动文化事业和文化产业发展,营造动漫产业发展氛围,优化动漫产业发展品牌,2008年,合肥首届动漫欢乐节应运而生,至今已发展成为具有一定知名度和影响力的品牌。在合肥历届动漫欢乐节上,直接参与人数上万人,活动现场观众约20000人,通过网络直播观看人数约15万人次。   合肥第七届动漫欢乐节将在以往活动内容基础上,添加动漫儿童舞台剧、千人掼蛋、多肉植物展示、动漫摄影作品展示等更加多元丰富的活动。“我们还在互动区为不同年龄层的游客准备了钓金鱼、打靶射击、篮球飞人、全民高尔夫、投壶、射礼、指压板跳绳等十个娱乐项目。”主办方相关负责人介绍。   也许你还不知道,电子竞技已经被列为奥运会项目,广大电子竞技爱好者不再是仅以打游戏为目的去PK了,而是背上了自己的装备,在“运动场”上进行一场高手间的较量。值得期待的是,合肥市第十一届全民运动会电子竞技大赛决赛也将在本届动漫欢乐节期间举行。此次比赛项目包括英雄联盟、魔兽争霸III、风暴英雄、炉石传说、DOTA2、英魂之刃、CS-GO、FIFA-ONLINE3、虚荣、球球大作战等。届时,参观合肥文博会的游客将能观看到一场空前盛大的游戏盛宴。相关的主题文章: