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Austria fat: the opportunity 5 crown and Yao Ming is the last true center O’neal was inducted into the sina sports news Beijing time on September 7th, in the 2016 Basketball Hall of fame ceremony is about to begin, in this session of the hall of fame "shark" O’neal accepted the exclusive interview with YAHOO sports, and discussed his historical status. He had two super teammate Kobe and Wade, he and Yao Ming may be the last batch of dominant center and the occupation career made him feel regrettable. O’neal revealed in an interview that he has chosen four Hall of fame players as his recommenders, they are Isiah – Thomas, Julius – Erwin, Bill – Russell and D’Alonzo mourning. The following is an interview with O’neal: YAHOO Sports: NBA has change the rules of the game for you, such as: the real defense strategy and hack-a-shaq. How do you see your influence and want to rule the league? O’neal: when I first came into the league, I wanted to be the best man and I wanted to be the most dominant player. Many people can say that they are the best, but only some people can say that they are the most dominant. That’s my goal. I want to be one of the best in terms of both the number and the number of titles, and be able to change the game like Michael (Jordan) and de la (Chamberlain). YAHOO Sports: do you regret the outcome of the last season of the Boston Celtics, who ended up with a hamstring injury? O’neal: all I have to do is stay healthy, get 10 points per game, and I have a chance of scoring a total of Chamberlain. I will be proud to say: "I am the most dominant player in history." I have more than Welter in the championship, but Bill – Russell has 11, and there are 6 of them, and there are 5 of them, and I have the first of the 4, and the other is that of the. As long as I can talk to them in the same way, that’s enough. YAHOO Sports: trying to compete for the individual fifth and sixth Championships, in Cleveland (2009-10 season) and Boston (2010-11 season) the two season is the most painful? O’neal: when I was in Cleveland, we ranked first in. The big baby (Glen – Davies) broke my hand, so I had to fight for 5 weeks. Although I was back in the first round of the playoffs, we were eliminated by the Celtics in the semifinals. I feel so depressed. I know that if I stay healthy, we will win the championship that year. Second years in Boston, we have the big three, and all I have to do is rebound, block. I think we had a chance to win that year. YAHOO Sports: outside a question to you is: "Shaq peak period is shortened." Do you think you can continue playing because of the way you left in Boston? O’neal: you know, my only regret is that when I was able to get 25 points in the game that day, I missed nearly 200 games because of injury. That’s about 5000 points. This will make my career in total score ranked in second place. I’ve had a lot of experience.相关的主题文章: